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Now – more than ever, nonprofit organizations serving our communities are faced with a capacity challenge. In other words, how do they effectively balance mission delivery with mission development? And how can they afford to access the level of expertise needed to grow and sustain their Mission? That was the question I, as CEO of GoodWorks 360° (our affiliated nonprofit venture) was pondering as we came upon the opportunity to join forces with Awakened Innovations, Inc. under the leadership of Michael Barnes.
What’s their mission? It is to help nonprofit organizations save time and money that they can put back into their mission and services. They do this by connecting nonprofits with the high-quality, vetted, service providers they need to be even more successful.  Awakened Innovations, Inc. allows nonprofits to focus on their mission while outsourcing non-core or non-core competency activities to experts in those fields who will perform the work as promised.
What’s our mission?

We believe all nonprofits deserve access to the most brilliant minds in social impact — and that begins with you feeling comfortable interacting and working with our Team to drive the goals that are the most important. The GoodWorks 360° Team passionately dedicated to helping nonprofits – locally, nationally and internationally enhance sustainability via streamlined access to high-impact pro bono services. The end result? THEY remain focused on their mission, their passion, and service to their community. WE remain focused on delivering real solutions in real time while helping them make their difference in the world.

Recognizing the exponential “power of two”, we’ve now proudly announced our game-changing “PASSIONPARTNER Alliance” with such an amazing organization, as presented below:

Michael Barnes, Founder & CEO of Awakened Innovations, Inc. noted:

Nonprofits are central to life in the United States. We donate $350 billion and 8 billion hours each year to nonprofits. The goals of both Awakened Innovations, Inc and GoodWorks 360° is to support nonprofits to increase their impact by operating effectively and efficiently. By partnering, we extend the services we each offer and increase the impact we can make in this vital segment. The number of lives that we can touch is greatly magnified. We are excited to have found an organization that understands the power of partners and is on the same vital mission we are.

GoodWorks 360° Founder & CEO Dennis J. Pitocco noted:

This unique alliance magnifies and complements the mission of two like-minded organizations, each recognizing that now – more than ever, nonprofit organizations serving our communities are faced with growing economic and  capacity challenges. We believe in the “power of two” when it comes to helping nonprofits maintain their focus on mission delivery while we collectively focus on enhancing their long-term sustainability. We are proud to collaborate with such a compassionate organization, displaying such a high regard for integrity, community, and positivity.

Take a few minutes to learn more about Awakened Innovations Inc. below:

Changing The Nonprofit Game – By Awakening Innovation

AND then learn more about GoodWorks 360° below:

Ready To (Virtually) Change Lives Around The World?

Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
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