There is no better time to paint the world with joy than today, Blake Grigsby reminds us in this inspiring video. In a time when we are surrounded by horrific headlines, Blake encourages us to bring color to “this bleached landscape” with simple acts of kindness. Choose joy every day! Smile at strangers, tell people you love them and share compliments. These small acts of generosity ripple outward endlessly and revitalize our world.

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Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

This article on Joy follows the recent homilies given during Holy Mass after the Easter Celebration “Christ Has Risen”, the writings of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, “Joy is Love”, the need for JOY in a torn world. Good for this young man who mature beyond his age to bring words of Joy to Team 360 Readers.
Thank you!

Bharat Mathur

Thanks a lot, Dennis Sir, for this wonderful message of JOY! I am happy to share with you my own choice of this human emotion above all others, over the longest period of time. I try to live through it every single day, as much as I can. I have found joy in sharing an old, absolute stranger couple’s 50th Wedding Anniversary by offering a FREE glass of Champagne to everyone in the 120 seat restaurant; I also find joy in helping the blind gain vision by contributing to their eye surgeries and of course, I find immense joy in helping poor kids back home, in India go to any level of education at my cost. One of my most passionate pastimes is helping the poor and the infirm buy their groceries and essential medicines.

The color I see in all these acts beats every single color anywhere!

Thanks once again & Warm Regards