Overnight Success A Real Possibility?


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[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]S OVERNIGHT SUCCESS in business possible or merely a pipe dream? A romantic notion that just doesn’t hold that much evidence. Cynics will say that overnight success is a myth. They will argue that companies don’t become success stories overnight. The marketing campaign merely makes it appear that this is the case. It’s like looking at an eagle soaring high in the sky. It takes a lot of work to get that far off the ground.

Optimistic entrepreneurs will claim that of course overnight success is a possibility. It happens all the time. We’re constantly hearing about businesses that have seemingly popped up out of nowhere and been a hit. Uber, Facebook, and Marvel Entertainment all reached success overnight.

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So, who’s right? Well, the answer is a mixture of the two. It is possible to reach success in business ridiculously quickly. But saying it happens overnight might be pushing it. Usually, there is a phase where the media starts to take notice of the business. At that point, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and it seems to have happened in an instant. Still, even to achieve this level of rapid success takes a lot of work and determination from the business owner. There are several key decisions that they need to get right.

Marketing Madness


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If a company is going to be a success, the first thing they need to get right is the marketing. They need to have a key idea of how to market their product to both investors and customers. Then they’ve just got to run with it. Hollywood is a great place to look for marketing success stories and marketing failures. Take Guardians of the Galaxy as an example here. A gun-toting foul-mouthed raccoon shouldn’t have been hit on the cinema. Particularly with family audiences. But it was for two reasons. First, Marvel already had a strong brand image to use. But second Disney knew how to market it. They played with the idea that no one knew who these characters were and turned it into a positive. This is the type of excellent marketing strategy a business needs. Particularly if they want to achieve groundbreaking success “overnight.”

Making The Right Deals


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Can you make it big in business by yourself? Again, if you look it the industry from afar, it seems like this could be the case. But it’s far from true. Look at every successful leader of a company and somewhere along the lines they’ve made the correct deal. Of course, part of that is finding the opportunities to make a deal in the first place using resources like the Forbes Midas List. If you have access to contact details of people on that list, you have an excellent chance of a rapid rise for your company.



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Lastly, we’ve already touched on the importance of branding. But branding plays a crucial part in the story of businesses that took a high place on the market. They were able to base their company around an idea. For Uber, that was a Taxi service for the people by the people available through an app. The idea resonated with the public and it’s been a hit ever since. If you want instant success for your business, you’ve got to build a positive image around your brand in a similar way.

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