Out-of-the-Box Recruiting Strategies

Recruiting today is very different than recruiting ten years ago. Gone are the rolodex, help wanted signs in the window, and employment ads in the Sunday classifieds. Paper resumes and recruiter telephone calls are almost gone as well. Mobile technology, gamification, video interviewing, and social recruiting have sped up the recruiting process and taken it off the recruiter’s desk and made it a digital tool for recruiters and candidates alike. Employers and recruiters have to use the newest recruiting tools to compete, and they need to use innovative recruiting strategies for a competitive edge.

Recruiters Have to Go All Out

Recruiters who need specially-qualified candidates fast have to do things like software company Atlassian. They needed to hire 15 developers in 15 days to relocate to Australia. Their “Europe, We’re Coming to Steal Your Geeks” campaign, using a bus and an all-expenses-paid relocation package to tour Europe on a recruiting mission, helped them attract more than a thousand qualified applicants.

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  1. Recruiting has changed over the last 10 years and undoubtedly will continue to change. Software, etc. the basics of recruiting has not changed which is to say matching the candidate to the job specs. Paper resumes are still presented at the interview so that the interviewer does not have to scroll through countless resumes on their computer to find the correct one. This method prevents the interviewer from getting flustered thereby eliminating taking away the possibility of this person not being in the proper professional state of mind to conduct the interview. Recruiting is still about people connecting with people. Software cannot replace the necessary human element.



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