Out Beyond

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonOUT BEYOND there is a teardrop waiting to fall. A sigh of relief is being felt. Out beyond there is a new life waiting to be born into this world if it is allowed to do so. There is an anxious moment about results from some medical tests you took. Out beyond there is a fence that separates life from the death of life.

Out beyond a new leader is being bred to empower and enlighten all those who would dare to believe in him. A leader who will inspire others to dare to dream about challenging themselves to achieve things they never though they could. Out beyond is a leader waiting to lead those in his care onward and upward as a time-tested leader would do. Out beyond is where the leader has a soul that searches for what is the best way.

Out beyond there are cries of the throngs of lonely people. Some young, some old, some rich, some poor, some of everything bound up in the binds of loneliness waiting to be reached out to. Out beyond there lays a place where hate never lives and love does. A type of love that teaches all of us what love should feel like.

Out beyond there is movement to make change that is starting to go into motion. The changes that needed to be made a long time ago may yet soon see the light of day. There will be changes upon changes with new change bringing forth new and exciting changes that were never thought possible.

Out beyond is where a major social media outlet turns their home page into a pop-up coloring book consisting of imbecilic looking icons wearing exaggerated emotions. In the giving of what they thought their users asked for but instead turning a request into a joke.

Out beyond is where an esteemed Supreme Court Justice is laid to rest while a President snickers with joy over his passing. Out beyond is a picture of disdain, dishonor, and detachment painted with a snap of a shutter that revealed more about the lack of moral character of a First Lady than words ever could.

Out beyond is where the earth, the moon and the stars live as one under heaven. Heaven where only those who deserve to be amongst the Angles and are the closet ones to where G-d resides. Where your soul is released from its body and reuniting with souls it has longed to be with again.

Out beyond is where politicians remember they were elected by the public to serve the public. Out beyond is where the pettiness of political campaigns are replaced by frank down to earth discussions of the real issues of the day. Out beyond where these issues are indeed issues that need to be discussed but not thrown about like a paper cup lifted up by the wind to land far away from whence it came.

Out beyond where groups of hate mongers ply their trade with bloodshed. Out beyond is where the law the hate mongers seek to impose is instantaneously struck down. Out beyond is where freedom and liberty thrive as they always have.

Out beyond where corrupt capitalists capture no rewards. Out beyond where profits and people walk hand in hand down the aisle of prosperity. When “we do well, you do well” are not empty words spoken by desperate empty hearted men whose own bottom line is above all that is good for all.

Out beyond is not where one ideology is allowed to rule supreme. Out beyond is where all that is ideology is thought through and accepted if it is within reason. Operating under an ideology that has no ideology behind it is pointless and meaningless.

Out beyond is where you take pride in all the good you have created for others while thinking nor wanting nothing for yourself. Out beyond where you take something that seemingly that does not fit anywhere find a space to fit into.

Out beyond is where we take a wayward glance, the wink of an eye while giving them both a second look.

Out beyond is out beyond the confines of you and me. Out beyond is outward bound. Out beyond is what is inward in you.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
INDEPENDENT Executive Recruiting By Joel is an "up and coming" Executive Search Firm formed and headed up by Joel Elveson whose visionary ideas, leadership & creativity have brought to life a more "user-friendly" approach to recruiting. His clients and candidates form powerful strategic partnerships that we use to help you. Joel’s Firm offers Permanent, Temporary (case by case), & Temporary To Permanent staffing solutions for all of your Human Capital Requirements. Contract IT/Consultants are available if needed. Above and beyond they are experts (by way of their personal industry work experience) with mortgage, mortgage banking, middle-market banking, accounting, along with many others under the vast financial spectrum of disciplines. Their business goes beyond candidate recruiting as they also train, mentor and develop your internal recruiting staff with an eye towards helping you reduce the cost of hiring. They will also work in areas such as compensation, effective onboarding processes and alike. In other words, their business is to help your business by becoming an extension of you by filling in gaps that cause delay or waste. The recruiting methods employed by Joel’s team are time tested that results in a high rate of successful placements. Joel was trained in the art of recruiting by some of the top staffing industry executives in addition to the best recruiter trainers who to this day drive me to exceed the lofty goals he has set forth.

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    • Larry,
      Many thanks for both reading and commenting on my article. The goal of just about every article I write is to reach people. If what I have written touches people or may even gets them to think about what they have just read then I have succeeded. If I make some connections along the way then it is was that much more satisfying.