Our Innermost Truths as Wisdom and Guidance

As unique beings with a unique journey, we all have inner wisdom and deep golden truths within us, our cellular memory, our higher consciousness, and soul. Upon heeding the wisdom of these innermost truths, we may be guided to our highest path, our highest potential in this lifetime. Additionally, I would invite that by sharing the wisdom residing within, as well as from lessons integrated from our experiences, we may all benefit.

Healing for One, is healing for ALL.

We may consider the question: “How may we access this information within us, not only to empower our journey, our path in life but also, to go beyond the personal “I” to share our truths and potentially empower others– the “We” collective.

I would invite that by simply asking with pure intent to be shown how, to be curious, we have opened the door to that infinite possibility. Einstein’s quote reflects the power of imagination and curiosity to go beyond the analytical mind of “knowing.”

Imagination is more important that knowledge. For Knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

~Albert Einstein (1859-1955)

The curiosity and wonder of what these powerful lessons were came into my awareness by asking them to reveal themselves.

An example in my own life that reflected the power of curiosity to be shown another way to heal, transform and empower my life was wisdom birthed from lessons learned and integrated through a near “death” experience as a young adult.  Through this powerful journey, in commanding to my Higher Self, my Universe, “Show me another way,” several different alternative healing modalities were presented to me. Upon the exploration of these various modes of healing, I “found” my voice, remembered that sacred voice within that previously lay dormant as a child for fear of what might happen if it was felt and expressed. All of the unexpressed feelings and emotions– rather than vocalizing the healing through expression,  had to “go” somewhere-  the seat of anger– the liver- they chose to express and be felt and acknowledged there. Upon finding my voice and giving myself permission to express that voice, healing spontaneously happened. Sacred stories and books literally wrote themselves while tapping into and integrating the wisdom held within those sacred “wounds.”  The curiosity and wonder of what these powerful lessons were came into my awareness by asking them to reveal themselves. I found myself asking the question: “If I knew the lesson behind this sacred wound, the gift within the perceptual challenge, what would I know it to be? Show me.” The lessons revealed themselves to me. I realized that the only One that can truly honour me, see me, hear me, love me, is my-Self. This was the golden gift of wisdom that came forth through the expression, and exploration of deep truths that lay inside my cells. Through deeper transformation and integration, by allowing myself to feel and express my innermost feelings and thoughts, another gift sprung forth– the awareness of finding myself no longer blaming others, such as my parents–my upbringing for my experiences– rather, being empowered with invaluable nuggets of truth to empower me on my path and ultimately share with others.

Healing for One, is healing for All.

To access these golden nuggets of truths within you, one may consider exploring the following meditation exercise:

There is no right or wrong way of doing this. In fact, it is not really a “doing” at all. At first, it may seem or feel like a conscious effort. Soon, one may notice how natural it is to receive this wisdom like a walk in the park. Do not try to receive the nugget of truth, rather play in wonder and curiosity like a child. Be open and curious how we may connect with your cells, higher heart, higher consciousness, and soul ( we may have a different name for it- the intent is what is important) to receive valuable information and guidance for our path and wisdom to share with others.

  1. Place your hand on your heart and breathe in and out of few times to center yourself. Visualize roots growing out of your feet down into the core of the earth so you feel grounded and anchored. From your heart space, connect with your heart and its sacred chamber- the space in which it resides. Consider asking the question: “If I could feel connected to my higher heart, how would I notice?” Notice without judgement. Be present with the sensations. From this connection, consider asking, “If my higher heart had a message for me, what would I know it to be?” Allow the first response exactly as it comes. It may come in the form of a message, a word, an image, a sound or even a smell. The more you practice connecting with your heart and asking for a message that it would like to bring into your awareness for your highest potential and alignment or your next steps and guidance, notice how the connection gets stronger. You may also consider feeling into an experience you had recently or in the past, that seems to be playing out again in the present that holds a message or lesson for you. Feel into the experience in your body, ask to be shown where this information is held in your body. With intent allow the sensation to expand in that area of your body, with all of your senses. Place your awareness in that area of your body and ask it to bring forth or reveal a message to you. You may consider the question: “If this sensation in my body had a message for me, what would I know it to be?” Receive the first response with gratitude. Upon heeding its wisdom, notice what changes for you and around you.
  2. Another way to you may like to explore receiving information from your Higher Self, Higher consciousness and soul’s wisdom ( beyond the analytical mind that likes to rationalize and justify) is by imagining a sphere of pure light (or a rainbow bridge that you climb up to greet your higher consciousness) coming down from Pure Source Energy, above your head and crown. Within the sphere contains your Higher consciousness and soul. Send a beam of light from your heart to your higher consciousness and soul and ask for a message that it would like to bring into your awareness. You may consider to asking a specific question by affirming a statement: For example, you may be wondering if it is your highest good or highest truth or potential to follow a particular path ( related to career, personal relationships…. health and wellness, joy and recreation, passion… etc. Affirm that it is your highest good, potential and alignment to follow this path…state what that path is. For example, “It is my highest potential and alignment to attend this workshop on ….”Notice what you feel in your body and heart. If you feel lighter in your body, a sense of peace or joy, then this is likely an empowering path to follow. Conversely, if you feel heavier and any other uncomfortable sensation, while attuned to your heart, higher consciousness then this is not likely an empowering path for you. There is no right or wrong path, of course, each path is going to bring its own unique journey.
  3. To receive golden nuggets of wisdom from your ancestors to assist and empower you on your path while connecting with your higher heart, bring your awareness to your cells, deep within cellular memory with pure intent call forth your ancestors, call forth memory within your cells of wisdom held there. Consider asking the question “I wonder what deep wisdom lies with my cells from my ancestors ( and previous lifetimes)?  Notice what you receive without judgement.

The more you explore in your own unique way of connecting to your higher self, higher heart, higher consciousness, soul and ancestors in a space of joy and wonder, notice what shows up for you, what information comes forth to both empower you on your path, and potentially assist others on theirs.

An example of synchronicity and empowerment following what I was receiving from my higher consciousness was when I was guided to go to a metaphysical store on a winter day. I was “told” that I would be shown why I was guided there. “Go now. Trust in the unfolding.”

Pegausus represented a symbol, an affirmation of this service to the planet.

A few hours later, I found myself in a small town and asked my Higher Self to show me why I was guided here. Upon entering the store, I looked up, and there it was soaring above on the wall– a golden Pegasus carved from ancient crystal. I was aware of being in awe with the remembrance from deep within, that I was an Energy Healer in another lifetime and this is why my higher calling is in service to Mother Earth and all of her beings as an Energy Healer Intuitive in this lifetime. Pegausus represented a symbol, an affirmation of this service to the planet. I guide individuals and groups on Multidimensional Trans-formative Meditation journeys to assist in their healing, empowerment, and journey back home to their heart. In these intuitively guided journeys, I often accompany Pegasus—Yes Pegusus like the one soaring on the wall that spoke to my heart and soul both tangibly and metaphorically as a representation of peace, joy, harmony and infinite possibilities that we send and radiate together to Mother Earth and All her beings through Multidimensional Transformative Meditation. Pegasus was glowing on the wall and asking me to bring him/her home to my sacred meditation space as a token and remembrance of the gifts I am offering to the planet through following and heeding my Higher calling, higher Self, higher wisdom and deep inner truths.

Magic and synchronicity unfolds as we follow our higher calling, our higher consciousness, and Higher heart and wisdom within our cellular memory — a powerful intuitive guidance system containing truths longed to be shared with others.

My Vision:

May we all live from the Sacred heart, through the Sacred heart, as the Sacred heart, through every thought, word, and deed.

May we all remember our innermost truths and unique messages within us, to empower us on our journey, assist in integrating lessons through self-realization so they do not get trapped in the body and manifest as disharmony or illness. May we all share our deepest truths with others to create a sacred space for everyone to connect and empower each other with their golden threads of wisdom.

Healing for One, is healing for All.



Glenda-Ray Riviere
Glenda-Ray Riviere
Glenda-Ray Riviere is an Energy Healer Intuitive and Author of the book “Transformative Meditation.” She also taught and guided young children in public schools for 33 years. As a young child, Glenda-Ray had an experience of not being seen or heard, hiding behind the curtain for fear of what might happen if she felt and expressed her thoughts and feelings. All of these unexpressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions led to a near “death” experience as a young adult. Through this life-changing experience, Glenda-Ray commanded to be shown another way to heal, transform and empower her life. Several different alternative healing modalities were presented to her. Upon exploring these various modes of healing such as Reiki, Re-connective healing, Theta Healing and Meditation, Glenda-Ray remembered her voice, gave herself permission to began to speak the deep truths that lay within and share her wisdom and intuitive gifts gleaned from her transformational journey. She offers personal and group sessions, holding sacred space in the transformation and empowerment of others, journeying them back to their heart to integrate healing through Self-realization. Glenda-Ray is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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