Our Core Values Should Help Us Stand Out In The World

Our core values should help us stand out in the world – and yet, integrate us with the beauty it has to offer.

–Maria Lehtman

In a world full of uncertainty there is still a hope that comes from everyday connections. People who continue to inspire us and be inspired. Despite the numerous Marvel movies, characters I have sometimes never even heard of, I still love the cinematic stories.

What makes the world worthwhile living is our imagination that looks at the world and is capable of creating and envisioning much more than it is today. If in every relationship we look for the potential of the individual, rather than what we see now, and work with the future – we may end up in our vision much sooner.

Our visions and values help us forgo the setbacks, the tough days, and the restless nights when the pressure is on when disappointments are unwelcome visitors. We should follow our inner compass. The one that tugs us forward and tells us, there is a better future around the corner – but we need to walk to the end of this street first.


Looking forward to the warming spring days!

Maria Lehtman
Maria Lehtmanhttps://thedigitalteacup.com/
MARIA has over 20 years of Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services experience from the international telecommunications and travel industry. Her achievements include successful global Transition, Transformation and Competency programs in management roles at global telecommunication field. She is currently working in International Sales & Marketing department with transversal employee and executive social media engagement development programs. Maria is passionate about the digital empowerment and the opportunities it can provide for people around the world. She is a dedicated photographer and digital artist engaged in several creative projects at any given time. She is a compassionate leader, and her mission is to support people in self-transformation and in embracing new skills. Her trademark is her capability to share a smile even during the most challenging ccircumstances and keep a 'mindfulness'-attitude. Maria’s posts and thoughts represent her own view of the world. See Maria's current publication on Amazon.com. Maria is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.


    • Thank you, Larry, for reading and commenting! My inner room is quite busy as if the world needs to be filtered. So the external rooms need to be “empty” to balance it out. The feelings of people bounce around and most people do not even react to them. They may even be surprised if they meet someone who reads those feelings. The core values are my inner compass for the emotions ricocheting off others.



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