Organized vs Disorganized & Productivity

Getting things organized can be an exciting task for some and an absolute disaster for others. Sometimes we look at others and think, “why can’t get this organized?” If you label, clean, categorize and manage that can make a powerful difference.

Yes, that is me. I consider myself organized. I don’t have messy areas, but frankly, I tend to keep everything neat, organized, and structured. The same applies to my schedule and work tasks. Besides, I can be crazy about the order of things in my kitchen and how my house is cleaned. I gently joke, “I probably have OCD.” I might, and I do not mind. Not at all.

Disorganization can be charming too, and many ‘disorganized’ people can be very productive. But, frankly, I’ve only seen a couple of examples of this happening.

On the other hand, even organized people have their ‘disorganized’ moments or areas. Like a messy monster. Because you have to keep a mess somewhere, it is better to have it in one place, right? My justification is maybe a stretch.

When do disorganized people manage to get more productive? When applying organizational systems and tools, many were taught to think like entrepreneurs because our time is our master.  Like any skill or task, anyone can learn to do it. But somewhere in the application things are lost in translation.

How does this persistent disorganization occur? When we are tired and overloaded with a variety of tasks vying for our time. You are not alone. I have been where you are. So have my clients. I’ll show you how to master your time and do the things that matter most. Sometimes we get exhausted. The candle burns at both ends. Have you ever used the euphemism “too much on my plate”? You feel as though the attic is constantly overflowing. You don’t have to be ashamed. You are in the process of transforming. Don’t let the habits of your past stop you.

A new day. A new you.

No matter how well you manage everything, how good you are with multitasking, or how organized you are, there are moments, days, weeks, and months when we feel we need change. But where do we start?

Do we control our tasks or do they control us? 

When this happens to me, I know I shouldn’t force myself into ‘keeping habits that no longer serve this new me. Before the physical items are organized we have to create a new mindset.

I’ll help you to no longer bring the same old habits that follow you into a new day. A new week. Change your mind to declutter your life so that you can do more of the things that matter most to you and your family.  You just have to mentally decide what you need. Working with me will help you see you are fully capable. You can evolve. You can grow.

You are one step away from leaping into the new life your promised yourself. I challenge you to find out how easily we can help you shape a new you and new life by watching this free video from Productivity Expert Journal.

Are you ready? Here is ‘Clean Slate Exercise‘ to use when you are overwhelmed with all the tasks, routines, or lack of results.

What else can you do?

Use one of the following:

1. Shut your brain off for a day, do not think about any tasks, just take your ‘mental vacation’. If you can organize a weekend off – wonderful, Change of pictures helps a lot. Take a road trip somewhere nice.

2. Reassess your self-motivational routines, it might be you need to change/add something

3. use our 6 strategies to deal with routine tasks.

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