Organizational Hierarchy…Time To Move On

org-charts-ORGANIZATIONby John Prpich, Featured Contributor

I’M STILL SURPRISED by the number of organizations that are hierarchal, but what’s even more interesting to me is how some levels of leadership haven’t been eliminated.

Is it necessary to have Supervisors, Managers, Associate Directors, Directors, Senior Directors, VP’s, Senior VP’s and then Operating Officers?, not at all!

There is a philosophy that suggests, less is more, and in this case I couldn’t agree more.  If you want to be successful in today’s business environment, you have to be agile, flexible, transparent, and be able to make quick decisions.

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How are you going to be nimble?

It’s next to impossible to be nimble in today’s economy if your decisions are working there way through so many levels. That’s not the worst of it, by the time information gets to the CEO, it’s been significantly altered.  People at senior levels tend to believe that the CEO doesn’t need to hear bad news, wonder if there is some CYA (covering your ass) taking place, but in the end, the organization suffers.[/message]

Imagine an organization where employees are allowed to make decisions, this is currently being tested in Europe.  What if you had 3 levels of management, Supervisor, Manager and Director, that’s it, you could even make the case for removing the Manager level as well.

How Is This Possible?

Here’s the solution, teach them how to make defensible decisions.  Now, did you know that decision making as a competency has never been addressed, imagine, one of the most important if not the most important competency has never been addressed, why?????

Isn’t it true that at the end of the day, for us to be successful, we need to make more good than bad decisions.  YES!!!

Several years ago, I came across a gentleman, Dr. Errol Wirasinghe Ph.D.  He spent a good part of his career in the oil industry, traveled the world and speaks fluent Spanish.  He decided 10 years ago that there wasn’t anyone teaching the average lay person how to make a defensible decision and decided to go down that path.  He’s the only person in the world, yes, world, that teaches a simple but incredibly 7 step process.  When I met him and he told me that he was the only person in the world with this solution, I thought he was being boastful, but boy, was I wrong.  Imagine sitting in an important space like this and having no competition.

I’m probably the only person that is very familiar with Errol’s solution, I co-presented with him to one of my gaming clients.  What I’ve learned is that you probably believe you’re good at decision making, what I can tell you is that you’re not as good on your own as you would be if you used the XpertUS methodology.  Here’s how I know, go to and take his skill test.  He’ll provide you with three scenarios, let you make the decisions and then you’ll use his solution, for which he’s developed software.  He offers three e-courses that are incredibly inexpensive and offers a classroom solution.

Imagine, employees making important decisions and being able to defend them, this to me is a very disruptive approach to business.

What are your thoughts?


John Prpich
John Prpich
JOHN is an individual with excellent leadership talent who thrives in environments that require intense relationships in order to drive the success of the organization. His strong relationship skills, individualized approach and passion for the organization give him a better perspective of the people and strategies that are necessary to execute the broader goals. With his perspective, he can bring into balance the people and decision making that will ensure the vision is something that can be executed with the right standards and priorities in place. An analytical mindset complements his appreciation of the power of relationships in moving tense and stressful situations to a positive conclusion. With his clear communication, sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others and enthusiastic approach, he creates trust, helps others understand how their work contributes in a meaningful way and provides a greater sense of purpose in order to accomplish the organization’s mission and vision.

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