Organizational Change – Does It Have To Be So Weird And Unknown?

changeMANY WORDS WERE SAID about the importance of the organizational change, learning organizations and innovation itself. All is good and still all is unclear. Especially for young entrepreneurs even with a good educational background and corporate experience.

The cause of many problems and misunderstandings on this basis lays on the gap between small businesses and startups and corporate world. Change mostly described for the organization that is built and operating for some period of time and for the corporate world as it is. That’s why young entrepreneurs, newcomers to the business world as small businesses or high fashionable today ‘startups’ are not really on place for innovation, change and especially impossible to become a learning organization, because for startups it often means some chaotic organizational and market behavior that doesn’t allow to book some place on the market. Of course there’re too many reasons for these failures, but for sure we need to adapt some corporate terms, theories and practices to the small businesses and statups.

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This causes a hyper business development activity or lack of activity at all. Anyway it means failure, whatever chaos or nothing, it all leads to fail even if some activities from chaos generate some leads and/or sales, it’s not a consequent development to make business market position strong and dominating.

In theory, every business should change and plan this change respectively. On the practice for business owners it mostly sounds like – oh, yes, something from the theory – change, development, I need to make it work, and this ‘change’ sound too unfamiliar, even if good. Most businesses are tending to work fashionable way, not the most effective. It looks like – yes, now it’s popular to work with email marketing and promote business on Facebook, but would that work for this particular business case? It is a question that doesn’t arise for most business owners until the entire marketing budget lost. For most stratups and small businesses it’s still ‘guess work’ and work with ‘something heard from someone’. Mass of information available on the internet makes all the possible tactics available. But it’s mostly just a mass of information, – no order, no strategy, and often – no quality.

Thus, I may say – try this – and you’ll try, but I will say – make it good and analyze all and after you’ll get appropriate strategy and tactics to make this work. After these words some startups are trying to do it partially and some are simply doing nothing again. And it’s one of the reasons why business consulting is so difficult today – not every business or startup is ready to make it right (and to be frank to pay for business strategy development, change case preparation), and just a tiny percentage of businesses realize where is an urge importance to use business consulting to prepare correct strategy and change plan.

And back again – change case and change plan still is a ‘theory term’ for most small businesses and startups. That’s why I want to make it all clear with QA set.

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Why your business needs strategy?
When you building your business all the steps made on ‘guess how’, or ‘just to try this’ are simply burning your budget. Even if your budget allows these trials, precisely developed and executed strategy gives you a privilege to work more effectively than 99% of your competitors.
Why your business needs change?
Every business even operating successfully needs constant change because of two simple factors: 1. Market and environment constantly change, do not behave a dinosaur 2. Change allows you reduce all the problematic aspects, incorrectly built processes that only waste of money, and for sure you as business owner don’t want to waste money at all.
When your business needs change?
Your business needs emerge change if you see the tendency of ineffectiveness, stagnation on any internal process, if your financial result doesn’t satisfy you and/or have a tendency to fall, if stronger player appears on the market, if your business is not up-to-date to modern technologies, if any type of innovation hacks the market.
What is the way to prepare for change?
In a way to prepare for change you need to precisely analyze what you need to change, on which terms, what is the desirable outcome and what is the cost of change project implementation. To document all and go precise by plan to control the process and result, you need to prepare business case and change project plan.
Why your business needs business consultants for strategy and change?
Simply not to work on ‘guess how’ again. Because with professional help you will get effective strategy and implement successful change, control all the stakeholders correctly.
What does it gives to you?
It gives you effectiveness improvement, reduce expenses and increase revenue.
Are you losing money with business consulting?
Definitely not. You can consider payment for business consulting as an investment in your business, which pays you minimum 150% back.[/message][su_spacer]

So what do we need to do now? Simply – we need to overcome this general resistance to change, take an advice and work on your business development and change application whenever it needed. Because stability – is quite illusion thing and stability on ineffectiveness just damages all the possible good ideas you have.


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