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changeThe most common mistake on change implementation is lack of correct communication, incorrect change leaders’ behavior and ‘dictator’ positioning. Yes, it’s when you said ‘I’m the boss, I decide to do this way, and thus we’re changing everything this way…’ And some business owners are brave enough to even continue this “mindset” with customers… This is really weird, because –  the customer is the one you need, not vice versa. I would call this insane behavior, because you’re losing everything – employee motivation, involvement, participation, you’re losing clients because of incorrect communication and lack of effective communication.

I’ll tell you the ugly truth…‘I’m the boss’ is no longer working if you’re planning to work with this business, this team, this customer for years… That’s might be your biggest disappointment: you need to be a part of this team, be involved,  and lead – to make it work. At the same time, the words ‘be the change you want to implement’ – are not simply words, but rather a rule. This might be significant shock for you, as a business owner. Because ‘I’m the boss, do what I want’ – is also not a viable position…not right… for good and successful change project implementation.

There are many factors defining the result of change project implementation as well as many variables – every project is definitely unique, thus, a ‘standard scheme’ can never be used. We’re overloaded today with vapid material…articles, books and courses. And just some of them are close to describe how to, but only experienced managers and experienced management consultants know the tiny details and the secret places where the problems can come up. And a successful change project plan should take into consideration all the possible scenarios and strategies to overcome every problem that might arise. Thus, the opulence of material doesn’t guarantee that the right person gets the right information in time.

To solve this initial informational problem, KLCGroup team and various consultants and business owners from different countries decide to make initial #CHANGE this way. The change that will keep you informed of difficulties, obstacles and ‘surprises’ that a change project can bring into your business in one moment and you’ll need to react to make it work.

Lucy Kovalova
Lucy Kovalova
LUCY is a strategist, business development professional, management consultant, coach and KLCGroup founder. Through her career path, she has had a chance to work across different business fields and in different roles, always curious to try something new, to add something more to those businesses. For this, she's an innovator and hardworker. And all the activities and roles undertaken have guided Lucy to superior results in the course of management consulting for different companies and StartUps all over the world. Says Lucy: ‘I am happy to share my experience in books & articles and assist other people on their career and business way. I will be glad to hear your opinion on subjects I’m writing about and read your comments’ More books and articles for your reference: KLCGroup Library ( Lucy’s hobby is tracking modern educational tendencies all over the world and blogging about her experience on GlobalUni – educational and training options worldwide (

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