Orderly Chaos and Chaotic Order

In my previous post, “Imperfections Bring Beauty”, I covered many examples of chaos becoming order and order becomes chaos. In this post, I shall suggest a model for the need for both chaos and order and then to show the need for humans to align their “lines of force” so that a gigantic human field may emerge.

I want to start by bringing your attention to:

  • Why do birds fly in flocks of hundreds of thousands? Why do not they simply fly individually? Fish schools and why they move in synchronicity together preferably on each fish swimming on its own to find nutrients to feed with.
  • Why do male fireflies fly in thousands and synchronize their glowing light to attract females on the ground instead of each firefly glow its light individually?

Think about and ask yourself why birds and fireflies fly in synchronicity and so fish do in swimming. Does not this hurt their “authenticity”? Does not this limit their freedom of choosing by having to copy what their neighbors do to stay in synchronicity? Are these orderly flying swimming patterns? Why simply they do not move randomly as gas molecules do and enjoy their freestyle flying and swimming?

You have the right to ask all the above questions. If you do this post is for you.

There is a new bond “the entropy bond”

“Entropy can be thought of as similar to chemical bonds between atoms, such as hydrogen bonds or metallic bonds. Those bonds are based on electron density; entropic bonds are based on entropy density”, says Professor Sharon Glotzer.

Entropy is the multiplicity of a system and the choices it has. The more choices a system has the higher multiplicity it shall have too. This reminded me right away of the carrying capacity of an ecosystem by identifying the limiting factors that impact population size. Limiting factors fall into one of two categories: density-independent factors regardless of the population such as natural disasters. Density-dependent factors relate to population density and include factors such as food and water availability, population size, and mating.

The fluctuation and bifurcation that we see in the prey-predator systems are the same as the fluctuation and bifurcation of the prey (order) and the predator (chaos). Chaos and order are similar to prey-predator systems and subject to the same logical thinking.

I envisage the chaos (predator) and order (prey) would produce initial bifurcation as the image below shows.          

Order-chaos population bifurcation

Going back to my questions

Why birds flock together? Why fireflies glow with synchronicity? Why fish swim in schools? It is the emerging benefit of chaotic flying or swimming. The birds in thousands might hit each other if they fly individually. This fear attracts them to induce some order by flying a V-shape flying pattern. They find the emerging benefits such as flying much easier than flying chaotically and individually.

The same is with fireflies as they over their tendency to fly individually by benefiting from the spreading light waves that fill the darkness of night. Same it is with fishes as they find extra safety in swimming in schools. All are examples of chaos giving birth to order if the predator chaos shall have some order to prey on.

Humanity working together

Humans may opt to work individually, but then they miss the order of working together, and chaotic individualism shall find no order to prey on and survive.

The tendency of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is a case of extreme chaos that brings no order. The predator has then nothing to prey on.

It is time for humanity to work together. Research findings showed that firebirds do not glow in the dark with any synchronicity if left alone. However, when you place about twenty of them next to each other they start to synchronize their glow and produce light.

The few pioneers who work for humanity to work together shall not glow individually. Twenty people or so joining efforts shall produce a glow bright enough to awaken humanity.

It is the combination of all of our imperfections that makes us vulnerable and beautiful.

Remember that the corona crisis – it left no option for humans other than to align.                                                           


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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