Optimizing Your Instagram Profile To Enhance Social Media Marketing

You can use Instagram in conjunction with your direct sales marketing strategies. Earlier on we used to have only email marketing as a novel strategy for marketing over the internet. However, with social media, marketing strategies have changed and evolved. Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting business, but you can also use it along with your email marketing strategy to create a more holistic marketing approach. In this article, you will learn how you can combine both Instagram and email marketing to enhance your business.

Instagram will help you to get more website traffic and increase the number of views of your website every month. You have to utilize this vast market potential obviously.

  1. Tell people to buy your products: Include a Call to Action, tell your audience that your products are essential for them and that your services are top class. You also need to direct them to the place where they can easily get your products. It is a time-tested feature that has always produced excellent results.
  2. Put up the right images and understand your audience’s preferences: Your images must appeal to your customers. It is essential that once you have found your niche audience, you stay relevant to them. For this reason, you need to identify what your audience’s preferences are. Posting the wrong content can be disastrous. Check out the posts which have received most comments and likes, and this will give you some tentative idea to start with.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allowed you to describe your product information in writing to your clients and then you would have to hope that they subscribe to you and then finally buy your products. One of the most significant challenges to email marketing was to have your recipients open your emails. However, with Instagram what you can do is instead of sending long and dull emails, you can post direct links to your product pages on Instagram, you can share the top photos from your Instagram directly into those mails, with attractive subject lines.

Visual content is easier to process for most people than written content, and once your audience knows that, they do not have to do a whole lot of reading, they will be more ready to open your emails. Remember to keep the mails short and provide the correct descriptions of your products. Provide links to your Instagram accounts so that people can check out your other products as well. Thus combining your Instagram and email marketing strategy will be a novel way of increasing business.

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Instagram can help you to develop your email marketing strategy more. People will not have to read your long emails and feel bored. They can just check out your business product’s photos and know about your business. Instagram will help you to convey your messages to your followers easily and thus get more leads and more conversion rates.

Isabella Rossellinee
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