Optimized Content: A Timeless Commodity

How can you raise the overall level of productivity of your company? Given the direction of the most successful marketing tactics, investing in optimized content is the top choice among options.

The content your site produces presents opportunities for branding, generating leads and improving customer loyalty. You can reach more prospects and deliver an effective message that explains who you are and what your company does through the content you publish.

Blogging has been around for years but a shift in the quality of what is being produced has intensified from simple posts to more detailed and focused articles. Companies are providing real value through articles that are educating readers, teaching skills, and solving problems through long-form, in-depth, evergreen articles.

Content marketing and SEO has become increasingly intertwined and is producing formidable results for brand awareness and lead generation. Content that is surfacing on the first page of search results is more often the result of excellent on-page optimization and a well-rounded collection of topics that satisfy search intent.

User experience and search engine optimization have never been more closely aligned. Here are three steps that help discover highly targeted terms and topics to create content that captures your visitor’s attention and converts them to clients.

Develop your buyer persona

As business owners, it’s imperative to be in tune with both the needs of our clients as well as our prospects in order to connect on their level. A well-researched guide published to provide solutions for clients in your niche will reward your business with repeat visitors, long-term traffic and customer loyalty. Develop your buyer persona in the first stages of planning to give your content a narrow focus on whom it will be tailored for.

Research keyword clusters and topics

The days of keyword stuffing are over and the era of semantic search has begun. There are dozens of tools that will generate hundreds of keyword ideas for you in an instant, however, it’s now only a fraction of keyword research.

The true value of keyword research lies in discovering related terms and topics that represent all potential areas that satisfy search intent. Effective keyword research will group clusters of keywords together to be used within your content as well as indicate what content needs to be created.

Determine the best method of content delivery

What would your customers benefit from the most? Is it an ultimate guide? Is it a case study? Is it a how-to video? Any form of evergreen content will contribute more value to your readers for an indefinite period of time.


The standard in producing pages that perform can be attributed to what Google has done to encourage better quality. It’s been a long process of fine-tuning their algorithm but it seems that they have managed to weed out the low-quality websites that ranked on the first page from manipulating the system. More often than not, there are only sites with proven credibility, authority and excellent engagement being featured on the first page of results.

It’s no secret that top-notch content benefits your business, however, the emphasis on what it means to the success of your company has never been more important. The sophistication of search engines, the increasing number of people that seek company information and the rewards of an excellent content strategy have made optimized content one of the easiest investment decisions for success in a digital environment.

Christian Carerehttps://digitalducats.com/
Christian Carere is a search engine optimization specialist and the founder of Digital Ducats Inc., which offers SEO services primarily for SMB’s to improve the quality of traffic and increase the number of leads and new clients.
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