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What in the world are “Life Principles of Truth?” And, how does living them create optimal choices?

In our modern day, much of the world’s culture seems to steamroll over Life Principles of Truth in favor of individually-defined “truth.” Sadly, this individual-kind-of-truth is almost always defined on a day-by-day basis. This day-by-day nature allows “truth” to be defined by one’s opinion, lifestyle choice, or whatever the self-serving behavioral whim of the day might be.

Altogether modern-day, individually-defined “truth” generally represents the self-focused motives of men and women who:
  • want what they want,
  • in the way they want it,
  • with whomever they want it,
  • whenever they want it, and
  • all without applying an absolute foundation of principled truth.  

Ah, the ever-moving, cannot-nail-it-down, slimy nature of self-serving and continually changing individually-defined “truth.” It’s no wonder we often feel the chaos of our world!

Yes, change within the correct plan, order, and context can be a mutually beneficial process. But, wishy-washy change based on self-serving motives contributes to continual chaos. It also causes habitual harm to people, relationships, situations, and processes.

For-Real Truth Alert: Whether we are living by principled truth or by individually-defined “truth”, the evidence is manifested through our words and actions. Over time, patterns of behavior paint a vivid portrait of the evidence.

Part1_OpenYourLifetoOptimalChoices_MoreandMoreThe Basis of Principled Truth

Contrary to individually-defined “truth”, Life Principles of Truth are based on absolute foundational facts that do not change. This is why principles will not fail. Therefore, decisions based on principles will most often lead to profitable outcomes. And, profitable outcomes usually lead to an abundance of optimal choices.

A well-known, fail-proof example of a Life Principe of Truth is the principle of gravity.

No matter how much one argues with or attempts to defy the principle of gravity, the for-real truth remains that when we jump, we will most definitely come down.

To be certain, there are a lot of variables involved between the leaping and the landing. But, the “coming down” part is an absolute truth that will occur – sooner or later.

For-Real Truth Alert: When we fail to establish Life Principles of Truth as the basis of our decision making, our behavior is similar to habitual leaping and landing with total disrespect for gravity. In other words, there is often chaos and injury.

Because of our hapless leaping and landing decisions, we usually fail to demonstrate consistent behavior over a sustained period of time. Because of inconsistent behavior, we also fail to achieve consistent, profitable outcomes or results.

Clearly, the principle truths of gravity have a way of providing immediate feedback if our calculations for the jump do not honor gravity’s principles of risk versus reward. For sure, the feedback will also include some rough landings.

Real Life Principles of Truth

While gravity is a simple example of principled truth, let’s consider a few Life Principles of Truth that are a little more complex in their nature and application.

  1. Fighting Fire with Fire will not Extinguish the Fire.

In the natural, we are instructed to fight fire in different ways depending on what is causing/ igniting the fire. Sometimes the instruction is to smother the fire with a blanket. Other times the instruction is to use various kinds of fire extinguishers; each with the appropriate chemicals to address what is fueling the fire.

While there are times when professional firefighters will fight a raging forest fire by digging a “fire line” around the circumference of a fire, this fire line does not serve to extinguish the existing fire. Rather, the fire line seeks to contain a certain percentage of the existing fire (from savagely spreading). Fire lines are trenches dug to create a “fuel break” around the fire. Factually, fires need fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. The easiest of the three elements to eliminate is fuel.

In the life principle application, trying to fight interpersonal fire with fire (gossip with slander; hatred with retaliation; or deceitfulness with railing accusations) will only fuel the interpersonal fire.

The easiest factor to eliminate in interpersonal fires is the fuel of self-serving behavior.

This means that responding to the interpersonal fire with the smothering, yet gentle firmness of non-violent words, actions, and boundaries (rather than reacting with more fuel) will work toward building a “fire line.” The fire line of interpersonal right responses will not necessarily extinguish the fiery behavior. However, it will probably help to contain the raging proliferation of selfish behavior.

Fighting interpersonal fire with our fuel-less response depends upon what relationship outcomes we really desire.

Do we want injury to or death of the relationship? If so, carry on in fueling the fire. If not, fight that fire by eliminating the fuel of more selfish behavior.

If we want to open our lives to optimal choices, we must not fight interpersonal fire with fire. Principally speaking, it won’t draw in optimal opportunities for our choosing.

  1. A Seed Planted and Nurtured Will Produce its Kind of Fruit.

In the natural, the Law of the Harvest dictates that if we plant and nurture apple seeds, we will reap a harvest of apples. As long as we don’t genetically altar the natural seed, we will reap the fruit we sow in the seed.

When our behavioral and action-based seed are planted into people, relationships, situations, and processes then we will reap the fruit (the outcomes or results) we have sown through our seed.

If we discover that we do not like the choices our behaviors and patterns of behavior (our seed) are producing, then the core problem is not with the fruit (the outcomes or results). No, the core problem is with the seed. To reap a different outcome or result (fruit), thus optimal choices, we need to change what is creating the seed. That would be our attitudes, mindsets, and beliefs, which are the core problems.

If we want to open our lives to optimal choices, we must plant the kind of seed that will produce the desired fruit in our lives. Principally speaking, sowing self-serving seed won’t draw in optimal opportunities for our choosing.

Wrapping Up Part 1

How can we begin to change our approach to decision making by applying Life Principles of Truth? It only takes one principle application to begin experiencing changes in outcomes – thus the opening of our lives to optimal choices.

What do we have to lose by simply giving it a try – except plenty of inconsistency, some chaos, and a little self-serving behavior?

To Be Continued in Part 2

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Devaney Rae
Devaney Rae
Devaney’s professional background includes professional Business Development, Leadership, and Life on Purpose Coaching, along with Instructional Design Technology consulting for Training & Presentation Design. Devaney also provides professional consulting within Organizational/ Performance Management for business owners and decision-makers. Devaney also established Life On Purpose with Devaney Rae in early 2018 as a way to connect with others who want to Get From Where You Are Now To Where You Want to Be. This effort connects people with professional coaching and a variety of resources to establish business growth that includes learning to create and manage multiple streams of income. Devaney works one-on-one and in small groups with people to create their own Life Purpose Plan and to develop the correct Business Strategy for Growth. Then, she helps them bring the plan to life so each one can step into their ownMORE! She has enjoyed a successful career in Healthcare Administration, Chemical Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Marketing, and within the Non-Profit Business sectors. Devaney earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walden University and her Master’s degree in Instructional Design Technology for Professional Trainers from New York Institute of Technology. She also earned a degree in Dental Hygiene with license to practice in Texas and Louisiana. Devaney is a published author of the book, Countless Joys: The Place Beyond Tears (Westbow Press, 2015). The content is her story about how ordinary people are called to do “the extraordinary” in life. She has a passion for impacting others with life-giving hope, joy, and peace. Devaney established a non-profit organization, Countless Joys, Inc. in 2015. The mission of Countless Joys, Inc. is to Touch the Lives of Others with Joy. The specific focus is on Interrupting Human Trafficking of children and teenagers. Altogether, giving back to others is Devaney’s personal life mission and joy. Devaney makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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    Are mine the same as Yours?

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    There are two kinds of truths in the world. The ones that we want, and the ones that just are. Interesting enough our brain has separate wiring for each kind.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom that comes from real life. I was reading a Bible story to my little nephewhile yesterday. It was about Solomon asking God to give him the ability to discern right from wrong. One key to discernment is the desire to make the right choices. Your analogies add deeper understanding to complex subjects.

    • Thanks so much, Jane, for your comments. Great points. It took me a while to learn life principles of truth and apply them. Now that I “get it”, I am discovering new ones. It is a wonderful way to view life and decision making. 🙂