Once Upon a Time, In a Land Far Away, Lived Destiny …

Destiny. Is it real, or just an idea we are sold to keep us hopeful? Whatever your opinion on it may be, I think we can all collectively agree that we often think about the future and what is going to happen to us.

When I looked up the definition of destiny, it read ‘the hidden power believed to control future events’. I found this particular definition interesting because it speaks of a ‘hidden power’. As I read it I initially thought, well maybe the ‘hidden power’ is a reference to God, but after a moment of contemplation, I realised – actually, this could be more about the power within you.

The hidden knowing.

People often wonder, ‘do we create our own destiny?’ and honestly I think this is such a difficult question. There is no doubt we make up a large percentage of it. We are constantly faced with choices to make and options to choose and with each decision, we take a step in a different direction. So in terms of reaching our destiny, we play a huge role in navigating the best path to get there.

In terms of the destiny itself, I don’t think we have much control over that. It’s similar to when someone is born with a natural talent, they don’t have control of choosing that talent but they can choose to use it or not. Just as, we have the choice to follow that hidden knowing or fight against it.


People often say they have a ‘calling’ or a ‘burning desire’ to do a specific task and I think it is really important to listen to those feelings and act upon them. Although we cannot be sure where we will end up, there is a knowing within when you’re on the right track. Poem number three addresses the hidden knowing and the complex war between head and heart.

Tell me please,
What’s wrong with me?
I’m unable to cross life’s rolling sea

Beyond the rocky pillars of time
I float amongst the sludge and the grime,

And I cannot tell you

Why I must be,
The one to venture out to sea

But destiny awaits in us all my friends
And I will see it out until it all ends

Until all the walls come crumbling down
Until nothing is left but dust on the ground

Because I refuse to accept anything less than my truth
I play the drums and I sound the crwth

Can you hear it?

The place it beats in your heart

Yes there it is,

The fire destined to start.


Reading this poem back I can see my ego questioning my soul purpose. It’s constantly trying to get me to explain myself, ‘why are you choosing to do this?’ ‘what is this going to bring you?’. But the power of just wanting to do it, the calling, desire, drive (whatever you want to name it) wipes the floor with my ego, its so much stronger – if I don’t take the opportunities as they come now, I know I will regret it.

As good old Shakespeare said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. We have been tasked with a job and it’s our mission to see it through, even if at times it feels like we are blindfolded.
It’s in those times we learn the most.

And it’s tough, it feels weird, I won’t deny that. But also it will give a satisfaction and fulfilment that isn’t tangible to anything else.  It can only be explained as being right for you. And that’s when you know you’re making tracks towards your destiny.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

~Gautama Buddha


Emma Sykes
Emma Sykes
Emma Sykes is a writer, poet, actor, baker and lover of all things creative. Making Waves is her first published spoken word poetry book. Performance has always been Emma’s biggest passion and she has a special love for physical theatre. Find more about Emma’s work at and follow her Instagram @emjsykes. Making Waves is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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  1. Emma, my favorite definition of “genius” is this: genius: noun — attendant spirit present from one’s birth (Oxford English Dictionary). Depending on your perspective and interpretation, that either echoes or informs your definition of destiny.

    My own sense is this: If you follow your genius you’ll find your destiny.

    Thank you for such a thought-provoking post.

  2. INTERESTING POST: WHEN I WAS YOUNG (15) I knew in my heart i wanted to be a history professor. BUt then I got apart time job ( I wanted to buy a car) the job was selling shoes. It turned out I was better than the full time sales people in the store and I was making money hand over first on 7 % commission. ( bought the car in 6 months).

    Because of that success I knew for certain my “destiny” was the business world specifically sales. I read everything I could get my hands on, stayed selling shoes all through high school, in college I sold research books,& vacuum cleaners, when I graduated the business world opened its doors for me and I went into a sales management training program. Now I am 76 retired from senior level Sales Management Position and own a Sales Training company that is very successful. My “destiny” was achieved…from a professional level… On a personal level My life is complete with an amazing bride, 4 grown children all successful and 7grandchildren. So I believe in following your dream and creating your destiny.. I believe in moving forward and never looking back…