“Once More Unto The Breach”: Leading Your Business Through A Difficult Period

Leading your business through a major business change, especially in the infancy of it, is a very stressful period. There are things that are essential for a time like this, not just from your staff, but yourself. In the messy world of startups and SME’s, there are qualities that you need. A business change can result in staff leaving, once solid business ideas being thrown out in favour of new ones. So what do you need to do, and your staff to do to get through this?

Lead By Example

Running an organisation isn’t just a simple way to bark orders at people, that is a surefire way to instill a lack of trust in you. Treat people how you would want to be treated and set an example for the type of organisation you want to work in. If you are not presenting the right energy, enthusiasm, or intelligence your employees will begin to wane and lose faith. Look in the mirror and see what image you are presenting to your colleagues, is it the one you want? If not, work on changing it to the right one. If you lead by example, it instills faith in you and faith in yourself. Keep your focus.

Have A Watertight Marketing Strategy

The amount of businesses that go down the pan when business owners are focusing on other things are too common. Know your product. Know your market. Know how to connect the two. The way to do that is to work on your strategy. If you are really treading water, then you need to outsource by using marketing companies like GA Agency. If all else fails you can go back to the strategy.

Make Sure Your Staff Are Dedicated To The Brand

If you have people throwing themselves at your business, commiserations! You will now have to spend hours and hours wading through piles of CVs and end up with three people you have high hopes for. If you look for the right staff, it will streamline your efforts. And if you know where to look, the right people will be easier to find. Looking on sites like Linkedin will help as you will be able to find the right type of people by putting in the right keywords on your search, saving a lot of time.

The people that will benefit your operation in the early days will bend over backwards, and will understand your position when you ask them to put in an extra push. Or work that Saturday morning at a moment’s notice. Those people have the belief and dedication to your vision and will stick by you instead of fleeing when the going gets tough.

A Reliable Base Of Operations

Meetings will be held, late-night brainstorming sessions and deals will be made or broken, all under one roof! Renting offices or office space is relatively easy to come by. If you are in a startup, make sure you have the basics, like computers and printers so your business is functional.

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