On The Edge Of Your Seat

DOESN’T IT ONLY SEEM LIKE YESTERDAY that we were in the midst of the Memorial Day Weekend where amongst more important things like remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives protecting our freedom we were celebrating the beginning of Summer? A time for BBQ’s, Beaches , Bikini’s and more including vacation time.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day where we are supposed to be grateful for what we have as opposed to heading to shopping malls to begin pre-holiday shopping madness. For many of us our homes will be filled with aroma of a juicy golden brown turkey that is ready to come out of the oven. Then there is the stuffing and all the other trimmings that come with and after the main course. What will be the delicious desert this year?

Parents of young children will be watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade either by being on 5th Avenue seeing all the floats go by or watching it on TV. Still others will be on the edge of their seats watching the bevy of football games that are being played. Who is favored to beat who? In between all of this about what 2016 will bring creep into your head every now and again. In between bites of that sumptuous Turkey are you in the back of your mind thinking about your bonus, raise or your job in general come January?

The economy seems to be doing well although prices seem to have been quietly climbing for months now. A few more cents here a few cents more for eggs with a couple more cents thrown in to the mixture for other items as well. Will you raise cover these increased costs for food and energy? You are undoubtedly at least somewhat concerned.

Does 2016 hold the promise of a move up the ladder to a more “senior” role? If that doesn’t happen will you start polishing up your resume with the idea of “dangling your feet “into the job market? Have there been any “whispers” about your company being on less than solid footing which also can giving you a bit of queasy stomach as you sit down at your holiday table?

Come November will be voting for a new President. What effect will he or she have not just on the world inside your world but the world as a whole? Another fork filled with that incredible tasting stuffing dances on your tongue gliding effortlessly into your stomach. Everybody is enjoying the feast you prepared. You smile at the compliments doled out to you while at the same time more questions are starting to find their way into the crevices of your mind.

Could these terror attacks that have been casting an ominous shadow over all of us actually happen here? I know we are supposed to be the strongest nation on the planet but still…. Anybody want more cranberries or yams? How is Tony Romo playing? Tony Romo does it again! He can be so great one minute and drive you nuts the next minute but he keeps you on the edge of your seat play after play. The Dallas Cowboys always seem to have some of their best games on Thanksgiving.

My husband having a good time which he so desperately needs since we have so much money ties up in the “market” which has been too up and down lately for either of us to feel secure about having money for the kids for college or us for retirement. Early January we have to carefully look over our portfolio to perhaps consider selling some stock if we won’t lose money and get a decent return on them.

The Baseball Winter meetings are being held in Nashville, Tennessee this year starting December 6th, 2015. What will the Yankees do? They can’t be serious about trading Andrew Miller can they? Wait! December 6th is the first night of Chanukah and a little over two weeks from that is Christmas. This year is coming to a close so fast.

We’ve been thinking about refinancing our mortgage next year to pull some cash out of the house to buy a second home some place where we would might like to live when we retire. I hear interest rates may be going next month so we may have to put those plans on hold until we see if they go up and by how much they go up.

So now that it is quiet I somehow don’t feel as good physically as I did last year. Have you given your Health Insurance its yearly check-up? Will you still enjoy the same comprehensive health insurance package you had this year at work starting next year? If not what will you do? It never hurts to have a Plan “B” to fall back on.

Digest your dinner and dessert. Once again take some time to think about those serving overseas and could not come home for the holiday. Think about those who have no home and are either living on the street in a cardboard or living in a shelter. Be grateful for things like your family and your health. If you have a loyal loving pet be thankful for that too while making sure never to forget they are part of your family.

From my house to your house let us wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with a peaceful start to the holiday season. As hard as it may be with all the commercialism that overshadows what this time if the year is supposed to be about if you are so inclined pay a visit to your local house of worship. Be well and stay well!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
INDEPENDENT Executive Recruiting By Joel is an "up and coming" Executive Search Firm formed and headed up by Joel Elveson whose visionary ideas, leadership & creativity have brought to life a more "user-friendly" approach to recruiting. His clients and candidates form powerful strategic partnerships that we use to help you. Joel’s Firm offers Permanent, Temporary (case by case), & Temporary To Permanent staffing solutions for all of your Human Capital Requirements. Contract IT/Consultants are available if needed. Above and beyond they are experts (by way of their personal industry work experience) with mortgage, mortgage banking, middle-market banking, accounting, along with many others under the vast financial spectrum of disciplines. Their business goes beyond candidate recruiting as they also train, mentor and develop your internal recruiting staff with an eye towards helping you reduce the cost of hiring. They will also work in areas such as compensation, effective onboarding processes and alike. In other words, their business is to help your business by becoming an extension of you by filling in gaps that cause delay or waste. The recruiting methods employed by Joel’s team are time tested that results in a high rate of successful placements. Joel was trained in the art of recruiting by some of the top staffing industry executives in addition to the best recruiter trainers who to this day drive me to exceed the lofty goals he has set forth.

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