Oh, Them Cats and Dogs!

I love most animals, like many of you reading this article. Other than birds, the rest fall under the umbrella of warm-blooded. Dogs are number one, but a close second is the elephant. They are amazing and share some of the same emotions we experience. I once read these gentle giants can suffer from a broken heart. We find them enchanting and would even have one in our family like the protagonist did in the story Water for Elephants, but that is why they call it fiction.

After Dogs and Elephants

My next choice would be dolphins, but again, another impossibility to imagine this fish-like mammal out of water. Finally, owls are so intriguing and enigmatic that they mesmerize, but who would ever have the opportunity to see these primarily nocturnal, who-sounding birds? Also, like the other two, they need to remain free as we can admire from afar.

What About Cats?

You must wonder by now why I have not mentioned cats. Let me share with you that I tried very hard to have a close relationship with cats. Honestly, I did, but to no avail. It was not in the cards. Before I reached adulthood, I had a pretty good connection with our purry pals. As we know, some are aloof, but the ones that were not would find their way to me.

The Unexpected

Suddenly out of nowhere, a funny thing happened on the way to my trying twenties. Cat allergies emerged. I never imagined this kind of allergy would reveal itself at the ripe young age of twenty-something, but it did. I remember a remarkable event that occurred in that period when I went to a hairstylist’s apartment to have my feathered, Farrah-Fawcett hair trimmed. Yes, once upon a time, I had almost black, curly hair, and now I have honey-colored, Keratin-straight hair. Who would have thought, but I digress? So there I am having my hair trimmed surrounded by a long-haired breed of cat and, I believe, a Siamese. As they sat there, stoically observing the scene, my face was puffing up by the minute with sneezing and eyes increasingly reddening and tearing up. Finally, when the trimming was complete, I left with a beautiful crown of hair, almost covering an unrecognizable face. It took a few hours for me to return to normal. You would think that would be the end of my affiliation with cats, but no!

Tried To Make It Work

Around that same period, I was working in a mental health clinic. One summer day, an unusual-looking cat started visiting. She, I think she was a female, was grey and had the most glorious green eyes, almost emerald color under a particular light. These visits became regular for a few weeks. All of us working at this site concluded that the cat was orphaned. I had been living alone at the time and desperately wanted a pet. At the time, a dog was out of the question, and even though I was allergic, I decided to retrieve this cat. I did, and I named her Rapunzel. Why Rapunzel? Thirty-plus years later, I don’t remember. I was the one with the long hair, not the cat.

I put Rapunzel in a box, and we drove away. I was so pleased. I decided not to tell my family because they would have been worried about the allergy situation. As I was driving, I noticed Rapunzel was becoming restless. My windows were halfway down, so Rapunzel would have some air. All of a sudden, I came to a red light, and Rapunzel leaped from her box, and out the window, she went. I quickly parked my car and shouted, ”Rapunzel, Rapunzel, ” and it was not followed by ”let down your hair.” There she was at the top of the bridge. I looked at her. The royal felineness returned my gaze with a haughty glance before turning the corner and vanishing in thin air. That was the end of my relationship attempts with cats. Like I said, it was not like I did not try.

Since that time, my cat allergy remains but less intensely. Cats are still attracted to me, and I continue to respond. I will not, however, attempt another close connection again.

No, my devoted pooches remain front and center, as will be the case all of the days of my life.

Dogs Remain Front and Center

As I wrote in a recent piece, the word dog spells God backward for a reason. Like you cat lovers, we dog lovers can give you a run for your money. For those of you who enjoy both, I am sure it would be difficult to choose your favorite.

During these difficult times, we must continue to celebrate the comfort, joy, and unconditional love our four-legged friends provide. Therefore, I would like to express a “woof out” to those whom I had the opportunity to meet through LinkedIn. Hugs to Redford, Eddie, and his feline sibling Sammy, Gibbs and Duke, Bishop, who still counts even being inanimate, Layla, Scooby, and sibling Sasha.

Now, I will go and pet Winston and Churchill, both on the mend. As I wander over, I experience a warmth and a sense of gratitude, knowing I am blessed to have them in our lives. When I am feeling stuck, I look at these two, smile, and suddenly I feel unstuck.

What About You?

During these tough times, do you experience comfort having the presence of pets? What joys do they offer you? Are you a cat person, a dog person, or both? Do you have entertaining stories involving animals? Please feel free to share.

Darlene Corbetthttps://darlenecorbett.com/
Darlene Corbett is a Speaker, Author, Licensed Therapist/Coach, and Podcaster and is known as the “UnStuck” expert. She has developed programs based on her experience and is hired by associations and corporations all over the country to share her expertise. Darlene is a high-content speaker with an engaging and energizing style. Darlene loves working with people and believes her foundation as a Therapist and Hypnotherapist validates her position that everyone has the capacity to get UnStuck. When it comes to her deep understanding of human behavior, communication and relationships, Darlene not only helps refurbish the house but steady the foundation. She has been quoted in Knox News, MSN.com, Bustle, and Best Life and has written many blogs and articles. Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck, was published by Sound Wisdom in November 2018. Darlene’s weekly podcast “Tap Into The Power of U,” is for men and women 40+ who wish to get unstuck. Darlene is a member of many associations and is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Abby’s House in Worcester, MA. In her personal life, Darlene enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, and close friends as well as crocheting, reading, staying fit and loving life. She thanks God every day for giving her the energy and excitement to continue to look forward to what is ahead.
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Susan Rooks
Susan Rooks

Oh, you know I’m an animal lover, Darlene — primarily dogs but honestly — anything that needs me … I’m pretty sure I could even like a hamster if I had to!

Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

Loving this my friend.

Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Uplifting article Darlene, and even though as of this moment I have no pets around, I have fonds memeories of the (3) sets of Schnawzers I have raises over the years, and fond memories of (2) sets of Dauchsunds “Heidi 1, Heidi 2, that my late sister had that brought so much joy in her life. To tell stories would take a longer version of my reply, but know that they are precious memories in writing that I enjoy reading from time to time. Stay well, prayers are with all.

Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson

Darlene, from one animal lover to another let me say thank you for writing this article. Over the years my wife and I had dogs and cats together. Our first dog who was a great family member had to be put to sleep after his kidneys failed. He loved everybody. We adopted another dog almost right away but it turned out she as abused by her previous owner. She tried to attack anybody who came near except for u. We hired a dog behavioral specialist who really made progress but he stopped coming and we had to give Missy away as we were now living in a small apartment above a deli and were not allowed to keep her. This apartment unbeknownst to us was overrun by mice and roaches. We then adopted a cat from a local animal shelter but somehow she got very sick and we had to bring her back to the shelter. Days later we adopted a Tuxedo cat named Juicy. We shortened her name to Juice. Juice is warm and stays by my side when I have seizures. She is incredibly intelligent and very vocal. Juice has been a member of the family for several years. She is 11 years old but still has her crazy time when she runs all over the place. At night she loves to cuddle up with us on the bed or fall asleep in between my wife’s feet. If it were possible we would have many dogs and cats. None of the animals we have had were “pets.” They were all family.

Theresa Saltarelli
Theresa Saltarelli

Great article! Thank you so much for the “woof out” to Scooby and Sasha, Darlene. We loved it! I read it out loud to them and they listened intently. My fur children XOXO

Myriam Ben Salem
Myriam Ben Salem

“When I am feeling stuck, I look at these two, smile, and suddenly I feel unstuck.”

Mama mia Darlene! That sentence has definitely drawn a peaceful smile on my face ☺️💙🤗🧚‍♀️

Pure magic indeed! 🤩🤩🤩 I applaud your courage and pure heart for having tried to adopt a cat despite your allergy! That was something! 👏👏👏

I still don’t have a pet, but it will definitely be a dog one day! Here is another story about those adorable creatures:

I was entering my residence and met my neighbors’ puppy for the first time! She ran to my direction, was so excited she probably gave me 500 kisses! I could barely understand what was happening! All what I could do was to laugh joyfully and be grateful for that blessing 💎



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