Oh Lord, What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men?

Here goes a proposition for mankind. A truly satisfying query. An eternal wonder of notions and causes, on the mischief and confusion of humankind.

A lasting struggle with ourselves emerges from the depths and presents itself in delicate, tender scenarios during the course of our lives. We threw rocks at ourselves, stones that are hard to break, but enough to fracture us. Bricks that are made of guilt, loneliness, distortion, fear, alloyed malfunctions, and uncertainty. A bash to the door of our skulls wakes us up from the eternally swooping nightmarish delusion and we figure: we had believed that things are in a certain way, but then life placed the mirror of truth to our feet.

Only then, we gain an insight into the very inner of our kind when that mirror is being held by another’s hand. The hand holds the shining item roughly or tenderly but with swiftly clutching fingers. A form, a shattered figure outlines and we see something that we have been always predicted but never fully understood.

IT HAS ALWAYS been darkness which hands me the brush, the pen – all the instruments of creation.

–Segovia Amil

As the bells of the warning signs rang with a loud roar, our ears curve towards the alert. We then start to hear things which we have never heard before and see colours peeling off from their surface revealing something new and untouched. We discover one of the tenets of life, which says that existence is paralleled with a freakish and abnormal degree of misery and torment.

But, oh, where does this all come from? The answer is simple. From ourselves.

Men unleash their inner evil on themselves, their surroundings and the control that they perform on their lives is merely a cover. A thick blanket of self-deception and persuasion.

A tidy pocket filled with handlings and carefully, manually selected pre-made responses. A bag hidden so masterfully lingers around the human’s waist, for it becomes full and splits. All sorts of things then pour down on the ground in front of us, plenty of elements crafted by abomination and apprehension. How could one ever take the wheel and turn the tides of the manipulation of their own selves? How do we gain the ability to overwrite the seal on ourselves which was pressed on us by the fire of life?

By the seeming end of the thought-train-ride, we have lost focus. We swirl in uncertainty and the borders between our perceived world and our subconsciousness blends. We then stand in the wildfire of life and place the trust in the first and last place where we store all of our sources.


We entrust this mind and body to the fact that we are fully human and we have enormous capacities. So great and powerful, it could not be formed and embedded into words.

So it seems, that Evil and Good have taken over the control, only for them to realize that we are here too. It appears we are now ready to give tender and conscious orders to ourselves.


Sára Szarka
Sára Szarka
Devoted to creating content daily using writing as a tool of self-expression, Sara had been fond of writing from a very young age. Embedded in twisted, psychological, and philosophical subjects, promoting the abstract allows her to find deep teachings in metaphorical creations. Currently living in Poland, she thrives on expanding her possibilities. Sara is a great fan of fantasy, sci-fi, and anything that comes with abstractness. Her daily routine consists of practicing mindfulness and daydreaming of a workplace where she can unleash the chains of creativity.

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  1. There is a portion of the Bible that came to mind as I read you article Sara. Is is from Jeremiah 17:9-10 (The Message translation) “The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out. But I, God, search the heart and examine the mind. I get to the heart of the human. I get to the root of things. I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be.” Good and evil, heaven and hell, the heart of mankind, and the free will to make choices. Is this all there is? What happens next? Is there a God? Is there a God-shaped vacuum within us all that nothing else can fill? Questions we all decide eventually… not decide is to decide.

  2. Interesting article Sara. Human beings are a dynamic of faith and science, and at times we are a direct contradiction of who we say we are. Yin and Yang. Good versus Evil. Black against White… Mirrors are made to do two things my friend, reflect and be shattered. Our will against what is staring back at us. Our will against whatever lurks in our conscience. It’s easy to point out our deceptions. We all exploit this easy desire to paint a picture of devils, but what about the capacity for good, for compassion and kindness? Well I guess that just doesn’t sell newspapers… Don’t give up on the better half Sara, that’s the one that will bring us north when he have expire in the physical.