Obtaining Softskill Training Buy-In

–My interview with Gary DePaul, host of the Unlabeled Leadership

I am pleased to share my recent interview with Gary DePaul, host of the Unlabeled Leadership Podcast:


Ranked 18 on Feedspot’s Top 90 Leadership Podcasts for 2021, Unlabeled Leadership is a volunteer-led service that shares stories about leadership. Rather than using labels that mystify and obscure the meaning of leadership, Gary DePaul and guests share personal leadership stories. Listeners are from 76 countries and 728 cities (or territories). 31 podcast platforms broadcast Unlabeled Leadership episodes. I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives.

In Episode 131, Jack Bucalo describes three softskill categories, explains why executives resist buying into softskill training, how to obtain buy-in to softskill training, and explains the advantages to this softskill training approach.


Jack Bucalo has authored more than fifty detailed and actionable articles about HR and leadership development. When Jack was the Corporate Senior VP of Human Resources and Chief HR Officer for Fiserv, he partnered with the Chief Executive Officer and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to develop the first Fiserv executive development leadership center.

01:36 Part 1: Describing Softskills and Explaining Buy-In Reluctance

Jack describes three softskill categories as it relates to leadership. He shares examples of each category to explain the “softskill” label. He then discusses why some upper management professionals don’t buy into or support softskill training.

4:38 Part 2: Aligning Softskills to Business Objectives

Jack discusses three types of business objectives: financial, operational, and strategic. He offers examples of each and then explains how softskill training can align with specific business objectives. Doing so can influence buy-in.

10:52 Part 3: Summarizing the Main Points

Jack summarizes his main points from the perception of softskill training to how effective softskill training can help HR and talent developers get a seat at the executive or table.

Jack Bucalo
Jack Bucalo
JACK has led the Global HR function for a Fortune 500 and 1000 international company and several other large international companies. With four years of line experience complementing his HR experience, he believes that the CHRO or HR Leader should play a more direct role in helping the CEO to achieve the company's business objectives and strategic goals, while effectively implementing its administrative duties. In doing so successfully, the CHRO or HR Leader can become an equal business partner with his/her line management peers while becoming more directly involved in the company's operational mainstream, rather than being just an administrative afterthought. As a pragmatic practitioner, Jack publishes detailed and actionable articles on a wide variety on critically-important HR issues on BIZCATALYST 360°. He is also on the advisory board for other web sites. Jack's over 20 years of executive-level HR experience for which he was responsible for company, executive and Board-related matters, form the basis for most of viewpoints.