Numbers In Business Aren’t Everything

In the world of business and especially in #workplacewellness, we seem to be obsessed with numbers, quantification, and ROI.

Not everything needs a number. (Ouch, did that sting?!?!)

Without knowing the numbers, you can still have great success!

  • Do we put a number on love or friendship?
  • Is there a humor scale?
  • How do you measure your interest in a subject matter?
  • When an argument develops how do you measure its level of “heat”?
  • You can even walk into a room and FEEL the tension or excitement without any measurement tool or number.

When things are going well in an organization you can sense it. Sure, you’ll see results too such as winning the Super Bowl, again and again, revenue increasing exponentially, being flooded with resumes and nobody ever quitting.

But you’ll also FEEL the positive energy when you arrive there each day.

  • You’ll see people engaging in enthusiastic discussions and excited to work.
  • People will recommend their friends to be hired.
  • People will gladly work after hours, without even being asked. (Imagine that!)
  • Ideas will be flowing like a fast-moving river because people are jazzed about what they’re doing.

Do you really need a number to know how things are going? If you do then perhaps you’re simply completely out-of-touch with your people.

If this makes sense to you then “like” it! If you can relate or disagree then please, “comment”! If you think this article can help someone you know, like your manager(s) or your network, then, “share”!

Kevin Strauss
Kevin Strauss
Kevin believes people yearn to feel closer to others. Not to everyone but to the people who matter most to them. He believes we long to be heard and valued because then we know we matter and that makes us happy. Happy people do good things and are less destructive to themselves and others. The closer and happier we are the better our world will be. Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Uchi, an app dedicated to helping people connect authentically with those who matter most to them by making conversations easier. Kevin’s career began as an "industry disruptive" Biomedical Engineer with a gift for identifying a problem’s root cause. His efforts have resulted in 75+ US patents and many peer-reviewed publications spanning several industries including spinal implants, psychology and behavior modification. It was nearly 20 years ago when Kevin wandered down a rabbit-hole, sparked by “human conflict”, that transformed him into an emotional health, connection, and human behavior expert. Now, Kevin and his team are bringing the Uchi app to the world’s stage to help people experience deeper and more meaningful relationships; something that matters to us all but often falls through the cracks. In addition, he continues to enjoy sharing this knowledge through workshops and speaking engagements. Kevin enjoys balancing his human connection work with expedition backpacking, ballroom dancing and as an 18-year, injury-free, Ironman Triathlete, and Coach.
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Jeff Ikler
Jeff Ikler

Kevin —
Well said. Worked with a wonderful CEO for many years who said “Profits sustain us, but they don’t define us.” She knew what was really important to the average worker, and it wasn’t numbers.

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