Now that COVID has Come Knocking

I am hanging tight
to poetry
right now searching
for words to make
sense of the maelstrom
that has just knocked
me for a loop

the ambulance arrived
and left soon after
carrying my beloved into mainstream
medicine and elaborately
intelligent machines that measure
and assess and hopefully
figure out what now
and what next

all my herbal brews
and homeopathic remedies
and bowls and bowls
of chicken soup
did not it seems
totally remediate this
rather virulent and insistent
virus dubbed Covid-19
a diagnosis that strikes
terror all over the world
and in my own heart

and here I sit
phone by my side
waiting waiting waiting
in a bubble of uncertainty
and impotence that could
explode at any moment

for twelve days I knew
what to do and jumped willingly
into my caregiver cloak
with competency and compassion

now in the quiet void
of he’s not here to watch over
and fuss over
I have lost all momentum
and my expectation of miracles
is waning precariously

while I am not so bold
as to declare all will be well
neither am I so foolish
or faithless as to abandon
all hope

AND, in the meantime, here is what Covid is teaching me.

  1. Rely on others. Don’t even consider navigating this tsunami alone.
  2. Reach out for reality checks because stress really does make us stupid and incapable of making thoughtful decisions.
  3. Some dear friends ask “What can I do?” and I have no answer but I love them for asking.
  4. Some dear friends don’t ask but leave pignoli nuts and basil at my doorstep because they know we like pasta with pesto.
  5. Some dear friends check-in or dial in or text in daily because, in truth, I might otherwise retreat into that tiniest part of me that could easily disengage and disappear.
  6. Surrender when it is time. I know what I know and I believe in what I believe in and sometimes it’s time to open to solutions beyond my knowings and convictions.
  7. Don’t stop hoping. When things don’t go according to my will and willpower, it doesn’t mean that there are no options. Something larger is always at play.
  8. Keep a finger on the pulse of LIFE. Do/Be something beyond the immediacy of Covid…when and as I am able. Write. Read. Find ways to be of service. Show up for webinars and zoom conversations. Stay in the flow of life with interest and compassion.
  9. Keep the dreary droning of the all-day all-night news of disasters and damnable death counts and seemingly insurmountable crises at a distance. My pulse can skip and race away if I don’t take care to filter out the barrage of what doesn’t serve me now.
  10. Kythe often. Stand barefoot on Mother Earth and call in Angels and Spirit Guides and Wise Elders and Bright & Hopeful Youngers. They have much to share if I am willing to wait in silence, grounded, and connected.
  11. Pray for guidance. It’s there. Pray for understanding. It’s available. Pray for miracles. They are part of the fabric of life.
  12. Stay curious. Keep asking, “What if…?” and “What do I need to see?” and “What would serve me now?” Answers do come.
  13. “Never stop loving life.” Dame Judi Dench at age 86

from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx Boren

©2020. Minx Boren. All rights reserved. Please share with attribution.


Minx Boren
Minx Boren
Minx Boren is a Master Certified Coach, credentialed through the International Coach Federation, as well as a motivational speaker and workshop/webinar facilitator. She is author/co-author of sixteen books, including Friendship Is a Journey, Healing Is a Journey, and, most recently, Decades of Gratitude, Gusto, Grit & Grace. Minx is a longtime community leader and activist and has served as president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches 2013-14 and as a member of the Board of Directors of The Women’s Foundation of Florida since 2007. She is the 2013 recipient of the Giraffe Project, presented by Women’s Chamber of Commerce to women who “stick their neck out for others. ”Her current focus is on exploring with olders what it means to grow into our later years with gratitude, grace, and gusto. As an adjunct professor at FAU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, she offers courses on such topics as Navigating by Values, Resilience in Stressful Times, and Healthwise Living. As an author, Coach Minx leads workshops at spas and wellness centers as well as for the Women’s Foundation of Florida for those who want to write a book or articles for publication or simply want to learn to journal their personal reflections more effectively. Minx is the CJO – Chief Journaling Officer – for Purpose Journals, a company that offers unique journals, webinars, tools, an active writing community along with significant support for anyone who wants to “discover yourself on the page.” Minx is involved with developing and presenting local Sustainable Living initiatives including, because of her background in nutrition and wellness, programs on Food Glorious Food – A Sustainable Perspective. For the past 10 years, she has been sending out a Balance Point Newsletter every other week – thought-provoking ideas, questions, and action challenges - along with selections of poetry from her poem-a-day practice – all from a coach perspective. You can sign up to receive them on her website.

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  1. As a follow up to all of you who have been so kind and offered encouraging words, I want to update here by saying that my husband came home on Thursday from this second and more extended time in the hospital and is FINALLY on the road to recovery. We are not “there” yet AND the prognosis is good. What is needed now is time for him to regain his strength and for his lungs to heal. I also want to share that my original (2 weeks ago) as well as my second COVID test (done yesterday) have come back negative. I am grateful beyond words. Wishing good and safe and healthy holidays to all.

    • YES Joanna. Writing is my anchor and my wings. Those of us who get it are graced with an incredible and reliable outlet for thoughts, feelings, inklngs, notions, and so much more. I am blessed.

  2. Minx,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The uncertainty is unnerving, and I am so happy to hear that you have a support network, and are finding ways to channel your energy. Writing is such an excellent way to do so, and a comfort I find. Covid-19 is certainly a tidal wave that continues to swipe the shores and disrupt life. But, like you, it is also teaching each of us different things. I wish you many blessings, patience to navigate this journey, and continued hope in your heart for I know it will help to see you all through this storm.

    • Thank you @Laura Mikolaitis for your tender words. I love what you have wished for me. It is what I wish for myself and for all who are navigating these uncertain times. How fortunate we are to have our writing to help us through.

    • Thank you @Carol Campos for your prayers. My husband and I have been together for 55 years/married for 52. My son also has just recovered/gotten his first clear COVID test after 3 weeks. YES. Soooooo many lessons…another (unasked for) growth opportunity!!! AND yes I have a fantastic support community. Just tonight someone left a pot of chicken soup at my door. Yesterday someone brought a big bouquet of fresh rosemary. Someone else delivered a whole bag of microgreens. The love and generosity and concern pouring in are such a blessing…and making all the difference in keeping me centered and sane. The road ahead is very rocky and uncertain. WRITING is what helps me stay in just this moment. I spent the whole day dealing with medical issues and research. It is actually a simple pleasure to sit here tonight and respond to so many caring people whom I don’t even know. But on the level of our humanity of course we know each other. And that makes all the difference. We are all navigating these challenging times together…even though we are separated. Thank you for reaching out.

  3. My heart is with you at this time. I just found out my adult son who lives in LA (i live in western North Carolina) has Covid19-so does his girlfriend, and two roommates. I am completely “impotent” in a human way to do anything to alter my son’s reality and the experience of these other precious people in his life. All that you’ve offered for guidance for yourself and us means the world-this wisdom resonates powerfully with my heart. I especially appreciate the encouragement to continue to “never stop loving life.” I am holding you and your beloved partner in my meditations, prayers, and loving thoughts. We matter. I am here. Know that you can call or text me, I know how to listen with my heart: 614-361-3189.

    With waves of loving kindness flowing to your shores,

    • @Laura Staley. OMG. My heart goes out to you as well. Not only does my husband of 52 years have this but so does my son (age 49). I understand your sense of impotence (AND my background is in health so there are things I can share to make navigating this a little easier. Happy to connect. My phone number is 561-301-2399) THANK YOU for sharing yours and being willing to be a LISTENER. So important right now. I recently came across the Judi Dench quote and it totally caught my attention, posted as it was with a photo of her laughing. Simple but not always easy. And yet we MUST try. I will be in touch if and as time allows. Each day right now is exhausting, trying to manage everything from afar. I wish I could just bring my sleeping bag and camp out in Mel’s hospital room and be an advocate. COVID makes everything so much more difficult. I was not even allowed to drop off and electric toothbrush!!! Sigh.

  4. Minx, this is such a sacred and scary time for so many. Thank you for sharing your heart out loud so we can all learn from your words of wisdom and grace. So many critical lessons, and #8 applies to every minute of every day for everyone: “Keep a finger on the pulse of LIFE. Do/Be something beyond the immediacy of Covid…when and as I am able. Write. Read. Find ways to be of service. Show up for webinars and zoom conversations. Stay in the flow of life with interest and compassion.”

    You are strong, you are tender, you are wise, you are brave and you are never alone.

    • Thank you @Carolyn Lebanowski for your heartful response and encouragement. I honestly feel a little less alone because I have sent this out to dear friend and now, thanks to @Dennis Pitocco, it is being shared on BizCatalyst360. The replies are tender and caring. YES. I agree. #8 is especially important now…for all of us. It is so easy to get bogged down in the COVIDian details as to let go of everything else. I spent the entire day dealing with medical details and research and more. And now at 9 p.m. EST I am actually feeling nurtured as I sit down and respond to those of you who have chosen to read my words. You are right. If we are willing to speak/write our truth, we are never alone.

  5. Dear Minx,

    Your words were written very much from the heart and even though The Pond separates us, I shall pray for the recovery of your loved one and your continued fortitude. Distance knows no barriers to friendship that inspires us to reach out across the stormy waters in the hope and trust that all will be well and the seas will be calm as good health returns to bless you both. Fear will be replace by prayers of gratitude.

    ‘Love conquers all.’

    My kindest regards,


    • Thank You @Simon Lever for reaching out from “across the pond.” When it comes to COVID we are all in this together. Yes indeed these are stormy waters. With all my heart I pray that fear will be replaced with prayers of gratitude. Today was challenging as I dealt with many medical details. Writing this was difficult as I totally bared my heart on the page. @Dennis Pitocco touched my heart when he responded immediately when I sent this to him. Thank you for your prayers. Right now my husband (of 51 years) and I need lots and lots of prayers. Blessings to you for reaching out.

    • Sorry for the delayed response to your encouraging words. I have been dealing with many medical details today. Yes @Susan Rooks, this is about my husband of 52 years. When I am shaky and uncertain, what I do is WRITE to be able to listen to and honor my own feelings more deeply. Writing this, I feel very “naked on the page” and I am hoping that my real and raw emotions will resonate with others navigating this difficult time. My husband has been in the hospital since Saturday and is now on a rather intense “cocktail” of medications that I pray will provide relief and healing. I am told this will be a long journey and requires great patience and great hope. I am calling on both. Thank you for your prayers.

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