Not My Type: Myers-Briggs Was Meant For More Than Pop Psych 

I HAVE A VAGUE MEMORY OF TAKING THE MBTI IN HIGH SCHOOL; I was taking a 100 level psych course as a junior and one can’t lecture about theories of personality without mentioning the Myers-Briggs test. If I recall, the test was hosted on or, both of which still exist — complete with primitive web page design that is somewhat dull in comparison to the zippy and colorful 16personalities website. The questions seemed to be somewhere between a horoscope and one of those Myspace Bulletin surveys of yore: You are almost never late for your appointments. You feel involved when watching soap operas on TV. You trust reason rather than feelings.

I was a natural born navel gazer and had already developed a strikingly thorough psychological profile of myself at age thirteen, so I was very interested in what the Myers-Briggs test would reveal to me. Though, I don’t remember exactly how I scored, I think I was an INTJ or INFJ. In my present life, some six years later, a college course required the same of me: take the Myers-Briggs test and report your results.

This time, I was rather definitely a INFJ.

via Not My Type: Myers-Briggs Was Meant For More Than Pop Psych — But Does it Matter? — Medium.