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Nonprofits worldwide are constantly looking for funds to pursue their mission, including the 1.5 million nonprofits across the United States. This puts pressure on nonprofits to constantly innovate new fundraising ideas. Unfortunately, most nonprofits are using the same “tried-and-true” methods that many others are using. This limits the effectiveness of these fundraising mechanisms.


Changing The Nonprofit Game – By Awakening Innovation

To help nonprofits with the task of innovating fundraising ideas, Awakened Innovations cohosted an evening called ‘Fundraising Reimagined.’ At this event, we brought together nonprofit professionals, business professionals, and members of the general public to use “Facilitated Brainstorming” to develop innovative fundraising ideas. This event lasted for 3 hours with the first ½ hour being for open networking and pizza.

For more information and our White Paper summarizing the Event – INCLUDING the entire list of fundraising ideas, visit Awakened Innovations.

We have found that having people bond over food can be very effective. We then had 3 activities⤵︎


The first activity was to clear the mind of the participants. Often when our minds come up with an idea, we have trouble shifting our focus to the task at hand for fear of losing that “awesome” idea in our minds. By clearing the participants’ minds first, they were better able to focus on the activity at hand.

What’s the BIG Idea™

The second activity was to use Bob Sager’s game, What’s the BIG Idea™. This game gives participants groups of words to stimulate their creative thinking. Participants compete as a group to come up with the best fundraising ideas as voted on by all the groups in the room.

Help a Nonprofit

The third and final event was directly helping nonprofits in the audience. Four nonprofits were selected to receive help. The other participants went by separate corners where each nonprofit were standing. They learned about the mission of the nonprofit and gave their best feedback on fundraising ideas and possible strategic partnerships.

In all, we developed a list well in excess of 100 ideas for nonprofits in general or these nonprofits specifically, as presented here: Fundraising Reimagined.

About the Authors

Michael Barnes – Founder and CEO of Awakened Innovations, Inc. Michael has spent his career as a scientist, a business coach, and innovator. Awakened Innovations helps nonprofits to do better by connecting them with the business service providers they need. When they need consultants and contractors, we help them find good, professional people. We have providers who can helpnonprofits save money, raise more money, operate more efficiently, and retain good people.Michael’s personal passion is anti-human trafficking and related issues and finding business solutions to address these issues. Contact Michael at  513-673-3951 or [email protected]

Sandy Nagel – Sandy, The Nonprofit Guru of Awakened Innovations, Inc. has spent 25 years working in, consulting with, and writing grants for nonprofits. She has worked for the University of Cincinnati and NorthChurch in Cincinnati. In addition to helping with grant writing, one of Sandy’s personal interests in helping nonprofits get started on the right foot. She is often consulted prior to formation of the nonprofit and helps the organization successfully file for the 1023 tax exempt status and get the necessary pieces in place for future growth and success. Contact Sandy at 859-393-7386 or [email protected]

Bob Sager – The founder of SpearPoint Solutions, LLC, Bob’s professional background includes experience in financial planning and residential real estate. He is an Innovative Business Strategy Creator and Trainer on Practical Innovative Thinking Methods and How to Apply Those in Business and Life.Among other accomplishments, Bob is the inventor of the innovative/creative ideas game What’s the BIG Idea?™, Author of the personal achievement book, “Discovering Your Greatness: A Higher Level Thinking and Action Guide” and the book of innovative strategies and how to create them, “101 Freaking brilliant Business Ideas And Ten Ways YOU Can Create Your Own.” Contact Bob at 513-692-2373 or [email protected]

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