Abruzzo, Italy
It’s so hard. Impossible even at times. But eliminating background noise is of the utmost importance of my day-to-day life.
I’m not talking about my kids partaking in sibling rivalry  in the next room or even the fire sirens going off on occasion in town. The trucks making their deliveries make all sorts of noise on the street but it’s not them I am speaking of either.
It’s the nonsense. The nonsensical. The stuff that really does not matter. It’s so easy to pick it out too from all the other sounds going off around me all the time. It’s the stuff I focus on and realize it’s absurdity but still allow it to occupy my thoughts. It has to go. I have no use of it and helps me in no way.  Clogs the mind, drains my brain cells and even hurts my heart at times.
I have no use for it and finding ways to eliminate it from my life entirely is nearly impossible. But slowly, I can eliminate it from my morning, my afternoon or my evening. Slowly it won’t have a hold over my day. Perhaps one day a month will go by and I won’t even remember when I last allowed the noise to grab at me and hold me longer than it should.
One day the noise will cease. It will always be there of course, but I won’t hear it.

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