No Respect for Borders

This article on the crisis from the Coronavirus outbreak has been edited and rewritten multiple times as each day; each hour brings unimaginable headlines of tragedy, unrest, tension, panic, and fears.  It is an enemy with no respect for borders, political parties, financial status, religious affiliation or color of skin.  Although we may not all be on the same boats, we are traveling in the same waters.

All aspects of life, work or play have been dramatically impacted. Cities across the country have imposed cautionary measures for prevention, and financially the stock market has demised to levels of downturn forecasts unknown to where the bottom line ends. School, restaurants, professional sports, amusement parks, travel and so much more has brought America, from sea to shining sea shaking the normalcy of everyone.

Unfortunately, I’m in the age group most susceptible to the virus and I’ve been taking preventative actions, especially washing my hands, avoidance of what I touch, disinfecting my surroundings and confined to my home.

I haven’t asserted to panic buying, but I have noticed some customers doing so. I hope I’m not proven wrong, but I just don’t need a year’s supply of toilet paper or cases of water inside my garage.

It is so eerie to enter grocery stores with notice empty shelves in which meat, dairy, and paper products where formally the abundance was to be found. According to my conversations with cashiers credit card transactions, not debit cards are the most common means of payment. I’m not an economist but it seems people will be overpaying for that toilet paper and paper towels in their shopping carts for months to come.

Back in 1974, the US faced an oil crisis that resulted in the rationing of gas purchasing. Consumers were forced to honor an “odd or even” system to buy gas. If your license plate ended in an odd number, one could buy gas on a Monday, even number on Tuesday, etc. etc. This resulted in tension, chaotic behavior, and even physical confrontation. It was not uncommon to learn individuals driving around with gas tanks or dangerously storing fuel at home. Human beings are strange creatures, that’s for sure. Yet today’s circumstances are unprecedented and really, no comparisons to living through a worldwide pandemic virus.

I suppose for my own therapeutic reasons I write this article. Each morning I open my eyes thinking this all has been a dream, awakened by the acknowledgment of reality.

When this crisis passes I’m certain day to day life will take on a new presence and it’s challenging to imagine what that will look like.  When we talk about the subject in managing change this pandemic will serve as the ultimate example.

In closing my heartfelt condolences to anyone who’s lost one or been victimized by this transparent enemy. Financially, many are living in fear under the dark clouds of economic chaos and I extend my thoughts all will survive this traumatic environment with no respect for borders.

Prayers and Good Thoughts


Al "Skip" Solorzano
Al "Skip" Solorzano
SKIP is a recognized expert in the field of diversity with keen ability to build strategic alliances, and successfully expand supplier diversity initiatives. He has consulted with multiple client sectors including pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, utilities nonprofit organizations, business entities and employee groups. As a facilitator and learning consultant presents unique perspectives to develop solutions; and promote qualities to successfully work with others through diversity, team-building and leadership development. Solorzano has been featured as a presenter at conferences sponsored by such entities as: AT&T, The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Social Security Administration. A former Governor appointee and member of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials; Solorzano has been recognized by United Way as Most Influential Hispanics of the Bay Area; and a recipient of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Corporate Advocate of the Year award. Skip’s career endeavors as a corporate liaison, community leader and entrepreneur, provides the unique insight to write on an array of subject matter from learning processes; diversity; with a shared humorous perspective of life.

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  1. Thanks a lot, Al, for this thought-provoking article! I agree with you whole-heartedly; having said that, what shudders me the most is the impending after-effect, as and when it comes. Almost every inhabitant, in North America primarily, must depend on imports to a very high degree of daily life. Even those with origins here, with no trace of immigration from foreign lands in their previous generations, depend upon industries that may not survive the ever furious bloodbath unleashed by COVID-19.

    Lack of raw materials, imported from overseas, poses one of the biggest, if NOT the biggest, challenges in the foreseeable future. The fall-out is even scarier as it points towards job loss in the millions.

    The scarcity of finished products stands to lose out in its fight against the ‘Demand-and-Supply’ principals. Naturally, commodity prices shooting up to uncharted territory will end up pushing the already trending recession where it will hurt everyone from the poorest to the richest, without exception.

    Well, I shall be keenly looking forward to your viewpoint on this issue as it may help me tone down my assumption, albeit I would be very thankful to Dear Lord Almighty if He proves me wrong.

    Warm Regards, With a Prayer!

  2. Skip – Very well said. I am like you – this buying frenzy bewilders me. If folks go back to normal grocery shopping – since these essential services will remain open – shelves would be full again in no time without the crowded stores that put us in peril. Thanks for sharing.

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