No – It’s Not All About Coronavirus

Good news folks, I have appointed myself dictator of the world!

My first act is to quarantine all people with qualifying medical conditions during the entire flu season. Those medical conditions include respiratory conditions such as asthma and diabetes. My beneficial objective is to prevent them from coming into contact with people who might give them the flu and as a consequence leads to their death. They will be isolated from real-life restaurants bars movie theaters sports, taking holidays and much for their own good

After all the World Health Organisation estimates that influenza kills 290,000 to 650,000 souls every year. The majority of these tragic deaths happen because they have other conditions and flu proves the last straw. My first act will save many lives.

All Flu vaccinations will be compulsory for everyone.

My second act will be to compel everyone to live a good lifestyle as follows:

1. Not to be overweight
2. To take sufficient exercise
3. Not to smoke
4. Have a good diet
5. Limited Alcohol intake
6. Whatever else I think of

People who fail to observe these requirements would be put into camps for 4 months to remedy their deficiencies. After release, they will be fined for failing to live a good lifestyle and attend camp for another term.

My sole objective is to save them developing conditions that could lead to their premature death including those that are likely if combined with flu.

I considered the alternative of requiring everyone all over the world to go into isolation during the flu season to avoid anyone transmitting flu to people they may meet who have a medical condition that if combined with flu would likely lead to their death. I considered that far too extreme. No one would believe I was serious.

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Clive Russell
Clive Russell
CLIVE currently serves as Joint President of Russell Business LLC (“RB”), which is the collective name for a community of synergistic and complementary activities and businesses encompassing the International Property Market. RB is engaged in business activities that combine cutting-edge structured finance and technology geared to maximize returns from various sectors, including residential and commercial property, hotels and energy-related assets. Over the years, Clive’s forte’ has been the ability to develop and/or identify “below the radar” concepts, strategies and opportunities ripe for leveraging and ultimate success.