No, I Don’t Sell Kitten Britches

If only uniting the world was as simple as two sentences. If only a childhood diversion were enough to silence the noise. If only Two little sentences equivalent to a conversational slap in the face. A lingual jolt to snap you out of your train of thought.

Pulled from the dusty back section of my filing cabinet of memories, my mind opens a folder marked Childhood to hear these nonsensical words spoken in my Dad’s voice. The ethereal sound is followed by visions of puzzled expressions on the little faces peering up at their role model for answers to a myriad of questions.

Cat’s fur to make kitten britches. Do you want a pair?

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Tammy Hader
Tammy Haderhttps://medium.com/@tammyhader
Tammy Hader has no writer’s pedigree. With a BBA in accounting from Wichita State University, numbers are her history. The CPA exam was passed, because that’s what accountants are supposed to do, and thirty years later her accounting life ended with the desire to journey down a different career path. The compass turned toward words to create a new legacy beyond spreadsheets. Her nostalgic writing reflects on the past to explain the present and shine into the future the light of lessons learned. Growing up in a small Midwestern town, influenced by relationships, choices, consequences, and situations, her life is not unique. In her stories, you will recognize reflections of your own past, understand how you arrived at today’s version of you and gaze with her across the bridge into the future.


  1. Thank you for this delightful, thoughtful essay about phrases that can stop us in our tracks and create that welcomed PAUSE of SILENCE. I happen to call this “pattern interruptions.” I love them. I appreciated this as I believe we all need many moments of two sentences that could create quiet. The other image that comes to mind is all the “prayers” going up to “heaven” for George Bailey and the angel who hasn’t got his wings yet, plunging into the rushing waters to save George Bailey’s life…his mindset, heartset, soulset…all the above… Could two sentences cause a healing, a transformation, that silent wedge between one way of living life and another? Ah, you have me wondering, curious as I open so many file folders stored in my heart…

    • “Pattern interruptions”. I must try to remember this terminology. I love those much needed moments of silence. And yes, I do believe two sentences can be transformative. Sometimes even merely a word or phrase can alter the trajectory of thoughts and feelings, open up new perspectives. Those aha moments can be life changing. Thank you so much for your wonderful thought provoking comment.