No Fun for You (?)

A healthcare professional once told me to go “4F” myself: “1) No fast 2) No fried 3) No fatty 4) No fun” (food). The 4F message is clear and memorable. It can be constructive and get someone’s attention.

But an all-or-nothing approach can relegate positive change unsustainable. “No” can be negative. “No-fun” is no way to live.

Alternative Views:

  • No: There are many yeses on the other side of no. Can’t the idea of no pizza be yes to something else? (I know, I couldn’t have picked a more difficult example🍕🤣). But yes—it can. Think of it as adding something new versus deleting something current.
  • Fun: Is not the concept of “fun” subjective? I think so. Fun can be healthy. Healthy can be fun. Get playful. Spice it up (literally). Add some ceremony. Light a candle at dinner. Try mindful eating. The practice of mindful eating can will change your life.

Pleasant surprises: After (healthy) habit changes, food can be more enjoyable than ever before. Taste buds adapt and the craving for the “bad” stuff (another subjective term) diminishes. This is especially true when exercise is one of the ingredients.

Tip/trick: It turns out that consuming two small glasses of wine can equal one larger one. A smaller quantity, higher quality wine glass filled to 2.5 ounces twice feels every bit “two” even though it’s just one. It’s amazing what crystal will do to boxed wine (so I’ve heard;)

Questions: What math do you apply in your life? When are you telling yourself no when there’s actually a yes on the other side? What does fun mean to you?

Craig James
Craig James
Craig is a curious Writer, Conversationalist, Coach and Business Advisor. He believes the world can be a better place if we have the courage to conduct the conversations we need to have—and if we share wisdom and ideas with love and a spirit of abundance. He craves ideas. The serious credentials? Craig spent many years in the I.T. industry as an executive—leading business and technical teams. Unisys and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) are on the list of companies for whom he’s worked. His experience has equipped him to bring insights as a Business Advisor and Strategist (via CatalystStrategies/Cat-Strat Services). Leadership, Business Development, and Strategic Planning are sweet spots. He also helps leaders-of-leaders tap their own wisdom via Executive Coaching. Coaching is quite the passion for him—and increasingly—his practice includes healthy doses of Career and Life Coaching (Who isn’t reevaluating and reinventing themselves these days—right?) Cat-Strat, the firm, was founded in 2001. Currently, Craig is Co-President of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. He and his business/life partner (Sue James) share the role. His most recent podcasting activity is as Host and Co-Executive Producer of “Big Audacious Idea”—a podcast about the greatest questions of the human experience. Hiking, guitar, skiing, golf, and reading are some of his favorite activities (not all at the same time), and indulging in exceptionally bad puns remains a persistent and irritating habit. Photo: David Allen Moss


  1. Love this perspective Craig!
    It reminded me how easy (sometimes) it can be to ‘re-frame’ our thinking.
    We all have the power to choose our thoughts even when faced with a solid paradigm.
    We have an opportunity to pivot and reimagine another way of being, feeling, or seeing.
    Anytime I find myself thinking “I have to do….” I pause, reframe and think “I get to…” Makes all the difference for me.
    PS.. still struggling with the wine example a bit. :)