New Direction, New Opportunity

In our travels together we’ve ventured fairly far and wide, from dramatic rock formations hidden in the forests of New England to St.Stephen’s Green in the city center of Dublin Ireland, with a variety of other stops along the way.  It’s all about bringing us into a new connection with Earth and a new understanding of our role here.  Now, we’re going to head off down south, to Florida – we’ve got some exploring to do there in the Everglades!  So come along, you’re going to get a whole new perspective on what that place is all about…

We all know how important the Amazon basin is to Earth’s, and our, well-being – it plays a vital role as the lungs and purification system for the planet.  But did you know that the Florida Everglades served a similar purpose for the continental U.S.?

Florida’s mudlands, everglades, and swamps were originally a vast expanse of that peninsula.  What we see existing now is a significantly diminished portion; much of it has been drained and built upon. Now the Everglades is a fraction of the size it once was, so it can only do a fraction of the purification work it once did.

The work of the Everglades transpires on many levels, the clearing of water and filtration of soils on the physical level, and also the clearing and transmutation of accumulated negative energies, emotions and vibrations on the energetic level. For you see, humanity is continually spewing fear, anger, anxiety, war, you name it, and these vibrations don’t simply disappear. They accumulate in the unseen energetic levels and have a continuing negative impact.  Because so much of the Everglades has been destroyed, our country’s physical and energetic purification system can no longer handle this job on its own.

So what happens is that the negative energy builds up. We can’t see it, but there’s a thick cloud of negative vibration that shrouds our country. The only remaining tool the Earth has available to clear this is to bring forth intense storms like hurricanes and tornados, which twist, spin, and transmute the coagulated negativity that’s stuck in Earth’s energetic field, the atmosphere. Other than that, the Earth is out of options.

This all means it’s time for us to finally step up to the job!  Actually, in view of the increasing volume and intensity of hurricanes and tornados around our country, it’s probably long past time for us to do something about this, right? But what?

The wonderful thing is, this is where we each can make a difference.  As we’ve seen in our prior travels together, we have a tremendous ability to create change and healing when we initiate that on the energetic level. Clear thought and intent direct the energy field, and energy lays the foundation for the physical realm.

I’d like to share with you some perspective on all this that is offered to us from the angelic realm:

“The function which was once served by Florida’s landmass can now be served by you. You are capable with your mind and your intent to clear and purify on the energetic level, which then creates healing and well-being on the physical level. We are asking you, now that you have raised your awareness to this aspect, to act as cleansers of energy on behalf of your peoples and your nation.  You may look at yourselves and misperceive that you alone or your small group cannot fulfill such a task.  Know, however, because you are initiating this on the energetic level, change comes more fluidly and healing begins more readily.  It solely requires awareness and intent; with strong, clear, positive intent your inner mind is capable of co-creating a new well-being with your planet.”

So while we’re here together in the Everglades, let’s join up in partnership with Earth and do this.  It seems to me that especially now, with the intense stress the pandemic is causing, it’s imperative that we start working on the energetic level to create change.

I’d once again suggest Exercise 2 (which you’ll find Here) from Earth Speaks Up, or any of the simple exercises there which may resonate with you.  Or perhaps envision a column of white light upon the Everglades tip where land meets ocean. Or bring your attention deeply into connection with the Everglades and offer it a blessing from your heart. Draw on whatever guidance your own intuition or insight may bring to you. It’s this process of attuning and envisioning at the energetic level which creates the shift, and then supports healing and change in our physical realm.

I’d suggest doing this for a period of 7 days; or why not continually? I wonder if this worldwide quiet time, while many of us are in virtual quarantine at home, can become an opportunity for us to engage with our planet each day in an entirely new way.


Mary McNerney
Mary McNerney
Mary McNerney has learned how to attune to Earth’s voice and vibration, and how to work together co-creatively with Earth and the Angelic Realm. In her book, Earth Speaks Up, and now in her blog, she shows us that this is an innate capability which we all have, humanity has just become separated from it by societal and cultural structures imposed over time. Both the book and her blog provide wisdom, guidance, and tools from Earth and the Angelic Realm to enable us each to re-awaken our skill and ability to listen to Earth and work together with her in a fundamental new way. We are shown we each have the capability to create positive change, for Earth as well as ourselves. Mary leads us in an entirely new direction of connecting with our planet and all of nature, a way we haven’t yet imagined. Mary received her law degree from Georgetown University and had a career in corporate and international law in Boston and Prague until she was unexpectedly propelled into this entirely new direction of working together with the Earth and sharing Earth’s voice through writing and experiential workshops. She is an active member of Lifenet Geomancy, an international organization of people on the leading edge of working together with the Earth on the energetic level, and a founding member of Lifenet Geomancy North America. More info about the author and her book is available at:!/earthspeaksup

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