Never Stop Learning: Life Never Stops Teaching

One of my mantras when working with young talent (freshers or not) is to LEARN what THEY have to offer, NOT push what I have to offer. This growth mindset introduced me to terrific individuals from whom I have learnt and able to mirror reciprocation. Here is the first of a few.

An Indian School of Business graduate, Aashish Tripathi was hired to head a test-prep venture, for a prestigious group I led in India.

In a job which required him to travel to distant suburbs, Aashish would find himself in the company car where drivers (a different one each time) would look to him for directions! With his hyper-focused working style, almost in a state of trance, the newbie in Chennai would find himself driven to incorrect locations. 
 So, I asked him, “why don’t you put your computer down during commute and help the driver get you to the right place?” His response was;

There are several navigational tools that can help drivers get from Point A to Point B. Technology has made navigation a low-impact task. I would rather that my time and energy be spent on the business I was hired to grow, where it will make a huge impact!

A simple, profound learning – “Spend time where it belongs”.

Never stop learning. Life never stops teaching!

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Senthil Sundaram
Senthil Sundaramhttp://www.consupts.com
An experienced strategist, enterprise transformation expert with over 20 years of experience in IT, Retail, eCommerce, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Travel/Hospitality, Education, Sports/Entertainment & Insurance industries. An enthusiastic leader at heart, challenges drive and excite me. Believing that the devil IS in the details, I seek out a 360° perspective of every enterprise I work with. For leading epic enterprise transformations and innovating game-changing solutions, I'm a trusted advisor and peer to CxOs and BODs across the world Work/Consulting portfolio includes Fortune 100/500 companies such as Siemens, GE, Walgreens, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Towers Watson and several small-medium enterprises across the world. Educated in USA with Master of Science in Computer Engineering and several executive/leadership trainings at Ivy League business schools in USA, I am a voracious reader, a minimalist, a nature lover, psychology enthusiast, and an avid cyclist.


  1. Senthil – The decision you made to learn from the people you lead is one of the single most powerful decisions anyone can make. Imagine if everyone were to do that! I’m excited by your commitment and look forward to learning alongside you as you share in your writing!