My Reactions Are My Cues

We are taught that shifting paradigms is powerful but what does it look like in my everyday life?  How can I accomplish a paradigm shift when my energy is fully focused on keeping up with routine demands? How do I make a shift when my feelings, my beliefs, and my friends encourage me to stick with what I know?

My reactions are my cues. When I feel that I have to change things around me to make my life more comfortable, I know I have work to do. When I notice distressing thoughts, emotions, and sensations, I can use this information to resolve the perceptions that trigger my reactions. When the trigger is resolved, the distress falls away. When the distress falls away, I am able to choose rather than react.

In 2013, I was introduced to Willem Lammers. He developed Logosynthesis® as a profound philosophy and a simple, yet powerful, technique to relieve distress and suffering. I learned that by using the power of words to shift energy, I was able to resolve the perceptual triggers that kept me stuck in reactive patterns. When the situations in my life ceased to trigger a habitual, reactive response, I was able to make better choices.

An intriguing shift occurred when I learned how to resolve the triggers to my reactions rather than exerting all my energy on trying to change the situation. My energy was now available to make better choices.

I share the experience of my paradigm shift in Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully (Caswell, 2017) to help others begin to comprehend the shift. I gradually gained an appreciation for the freedom I felt when I was no longer controlled by reactive patterns. As my habitual responses fell away, my curiosity and intrigue increased. Kahler’s Drivers – try hard, please others, hurry up, be strong and be perfect – had appeared to serve me well. But I was running out of energy to keep up with the demands of my life.  There was a limit to my speed and strength. In my book, I describe an example of a ‘simplification’ project at work. The project was anything but simple. I was intrigued by the effect of shifting a perception which allowed me to shift away from the habitual conversations of why the project wasn’t working so I could better focus on the task at hand.

As I look to share my experiences, conversations are often met with resistance, discounting and disbelief because the powerful simplicity of the work runs counter-culture. Willem has provided me with patient mentorship and I highly respect his insight. The local and international Logosynthesis® communities have supported my development. I have gained trust and confidence to support others as they discover with intrigue the power of shifting their reactions.

I was not able to shift my focus from ‘changing my environment’ to ‘changing my reaction to my environment’ until I had a tool to resolve the perceptions that triggered my reactions. When I feel calm, others sense my calm. When I feel safe, others sense security. As I shift my reactions to others, others shift their reactions to me. By using my reactions as my cue, I can move beyond the distress to focus on my purpose and to enjoy my life more fully.


Cathy Caswell
Cathy Caswell
CATHY is president of The Healthy Living Plan Inc. and holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration. She has managed a successful corporate career in marketing and sales. In 2013, she encountered Logosynthesis®, a guided-change method developed by her cousin, Dr. Willem Lammers. With curiosity and intrigue, she has been training in the method and exploring application as a tool for both personal and leadership development. Her work is to share the philosophy and the method to help individuals and organizations to build resources by neutralizing reactive behaviour and creating space for more constructive working relationships, especially in diverse, dynamic environments.