My Pledge To End Distracted Living

Please Take The Pledge Against Distracted Living

I want to live a full and joyous life!  I want to have meaningful connections with the people I love the most!  I want to be fully engaged in the lives of my family and friends.  I want them to know I love them and I want to feel their love for me.  I want to notice and enjoy this beautiful world we live in and savor all that nature has to offer me.  I want to engage all of my senses to be fully present in this wonderful and beautiful world.  I want to feel fully, love deeply, and rejoice with my whole heart at all that life has to offer.
Therefore, I take this brave pledge against


✅ I will not look at or take out my phone when I am with my family and friends.
✅ I will not use my phone when I am interacting with any other people (i.e., the store clerk who is assisting me).
✅ I will turn off ringtones and notifications when I am out in public at concerts, plays, social events, and more.
✅ I will shut off or put away my phone, laptop, tablet, and TV when it is time for things like family dinner, BBQ’s, and any other social event.
✅ If I need to use my phone when around people, I will politely excuse myself and move to a private location.
✅ I will not view my child’s concerts, social events, and other special occasions through the screen of my phone.
✅ I will better plan my day so that there is time to respond to e-mails, phone messages, and the like.
✅ I will watch and learn to manage the amount of time I use social media.  I will strive to never let virtual reality become my reality.
✅ I will never look at my phone while driving my car.  I will not text and drive.  If I do need to use my phone while driving, I will either use Blue Tooth or pull over to a safe spot.  I will not endanger others by using or looking at my phone while on the road.
✅ I will turn to God instead of Google, Family instead of Facebook, Inspiration instead of Instagram, People instead of Pinterest, and Socializing instead of SnapChat.