My Meeting with Darkness …

Do you know what it’s like to meet Darkness? With Darkness, I mean a dark soul (murderer, rapist, any kind of people who violate without regret)

After many years, I had a meeting with Darkness, only this time online. When I think of it now it feels like a test. Because many years ago I was another me, full of fear and I would have walked away or would have frozen. When I noticed her she was already talking to a lot of other people. While doing other things I was observing the whole conversation online. As an online coach, I hear many life stories, so I wasn’t that impressed. But something made me want to talk to her, I approached her and we started talking, within ten minutes she exposed her dark soul to me.

There was no sign of fear in me, I didn’t feel any kind of emotion towards her. I noticed it annoyed her that I wasn’t impressed. I said to her “I don’t need to tell you, because you know very well if you do this you are breaking the law”.  She proceeded with her story provoking me to react, I was only reading how she was convinced of the fact what she was doing was okay. I ended the conversation with advice for her to seek professional help.

When I started to share my story with others about this dark soul, I realized that it had an impact on me at that moment, not fear but confusion. Each and everyone around me was judging her and all of it, that such people exist, etc. It was very late when my friend sent me a message about how the story had affected him. I reassured him that everything would be okay, to get some rest and put all of this aside; after all, we do have a life so let’s move on with it.

Then it happened, sitting in the dark, I noticed the anxiety inside me, again the confusion, while everyone was judging her, having negative thoughts towards her, why couldn’t I do the same? The anxiety became a storm inside me. It felt like a battle of light and darkness. I started crying, then I knew that the answer to this was inside me. And the storm would not stop till there wasn’t peace in my heart. Full of tears, closed eyes, I connected deep inside me, asking for help and guidance, because it was hurting. It came, the answer and the awareness came.

  • I became aware and remembered what my true essence is: LOVE
  • My true essence is Love. That awareness filled me with so much peace and joy.
  • I couldn’t go with the crowd. Because Love doesn’t hate or judge.
  • We all have our journey here in life. In that journey from a-z, something could go wrong.
  • The same happens with dark souls, something somewhere went wrong.
  • It’s my choice not to judge. I felt the urge to write, I needed Healing so I started to write…

How does Peace start with me?
How do Love and Healing start with me?

I can not think of any reason to Hate
I can not think of any reason to Judge

I can choose to look at humanity and see:

some can use more peace in their hearts

some can use more love in their lives

some can use healing trough kindness & compassion

some can use more harmony

some can use more hope & faith

some can use more happiness & joy

some can use more respect & understanding

some can use forgiveness in their heart

I always have a choice to start with me…

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Ineke Kanhai
Ineke Kanhai
I believe in and guide you to Be your own Excellence. We rise by lifting others Up! My personal Brand: #BeYourOwnExcellence. My main focus areas are being an/a Online Coach, guiding you to Be your own Excellence. Empowering and uplifting people overcoming difficulties in life is a very grateful job. It is truly amazing making people aware that being your authentic self, is enough. Being your own Excellence is the greatness and magic that you contribute to our world. No competition needed. You are your own competition. It’s a true gift seeing people living that moment of awareness Being their own Excellence following the path of #kindness and #compassion.Humanitarian; Contributing, bringing global awareness in making our world a better place to live in peace and harmony for humanity and all living beings, trough acts of kindness and compassion. When it comes to our planet and all living beings, the essence is sustainability and we as humans should find a way to re-connect as souls with the rest of the living planet! Making a difference and leaving a legacy by touching lives with words of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and action. Painting visions of a future much better than now as I choose Peace for the Healing of us all. Jobseeker; Jobseekers from a volunteer foundation to help with professional guidance in their career development. Jobseekers can also join a private group (with 4000+ group members) to share experiences and that we manage as a moderator to keep staying inspired and motivated. LinkedIn profile scan; I help you with a quick profile scan of your LinkedIn Profile if things are in order. For this, I use the checklists of professionals as LinkedIn Experts and recruiters (from the Netherlands) who share their checklists to help create a professional LinkedIn Profile. Women Empowerment Moderator; I also help moderate other online private groups. Like an online private group of women who have been sexually abused as a child or in their youth. Experienced expert (formal) caregiver; (field: acquired brain injury and dementia).My inspiring caregiver story, taking care of my mother. Where doctors gave her 3-6 months, God blessed us with a journey for almost 13 years, often going from impossible to Possible! Live a Life of great fulfillment: Be Your Own Excellence!


  1. Thank you Ineke, this was a good read. Love comes in all forms but somehow many of us look for the purest form of Love that comes from God, as least for me. A book I would suggest, and it has nothing to do with your faith because the book reflects what you have expressed. It’s called “The Dark Night of The Soul, of St. Theresa of Avila. Another one is the Interior Castle.

    • Thank you so much Lynn Foresster-Pitocco, for your kindness and compassion. Your sincerity is very pure, I can sense that.
      Appreciate your beautiful insight and the recommandation of the books.

      Yes, I truly believe, deep inside, we all are connected with the same source.
      Thank you Lynn

  2. Welcome Ineke!
    That connection within is the answer! Life is love and with love there is the brightest light. If you don’t search for it, you will not only see the darkness but live it to.
    We close our eyes to see this light❤️🙏
    Thank you for sharing your writing and making the pages brighter! 😀🙏