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Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonI HAVE A DILEMMA that I could really use some help with. My dilemma is I don’t know what to write an article about. Possibly I could write about the upcoming Presidential elections here in the United States but I already wrote about that. Leadership I already wrote about. Ditto for recruiting, personal stuff and whatever else I did an article on. So what should this article be about? My only solution is write about a bunch of different subjects and see how it works out. So here it goes:

So what does everybody make about the “flying car?” Aside from the technical aspect of these things, what about traffic lights, gas stations, speed limits, etc. How is all of that going to work? Me personally I got used to cars having four rubber tires and running on gas or the new-fangled hybrid car that runs on gas and battery power. I do however like those computer like screens that some cars have that let you see live what is behind you when you are backing up. The rear view mirror used to work fine for me as did the side view mirrors. I guess cars without keys are good especially for people like me for habitually lose keys as are those cars that help you find them in a crowded parking lot and can’t remember (me again) where you parked. These cars today are too noisy plus the quality of the ride stinks no to mentions these engines are so complicated you can’t find where the oil dipstick is, where to pour the oil into, or where do you find the transmission dipstick. Plastic Master Brake Cylinders? The stainless steel ones worked better. Forget trying to change a tire on these things as there is no jack or lugnuts.

While on the subject of cars I don’t like anything about the cars they make today or have been making for years now. First of all they all look alike or virtually alike. It used to be you could tell the difference between a Chevy and a Ford. Not these days you can’t with perhaps a few exceptions. Plus these cars are made of plastic or tin. My son has a Chevy Equinox. This oversized gas pig is made so cheaply that if a bicycle ran into it the car would bear the brunt of the damage. My first car was a 1964 Chevrolet Impala that I paid $90.00 for. This car was built like a tank. One time the car got jammed against a concrete wall which took quite an effort to dislodge it. When it was finally unstuck I noticed the wall was severely damage but the car had one small scratch on it which may have even been there. Hey it even went from zero to 50 in less than two minutes. It did however have an 8 Track Player in it. How many people remember those?

Let’s see what else can I babble about. I am one of probably a handful of New Yorkers that really like our subway system. To be perfectly frank I am and have been fascinated and in love with the trains since I was a young boy. I always rode in the very first car to watch the train going down the tracks while listening to the motorman talking on the radio. I learned to figure out the different code words they used plus what certain lights on the platform meant and even when the train was going to change tracks. With the older trains I think I had figured out how to charge the train along with learning what handle sped the train up or slowed it down and which handle was for the breaks. To this day I maintain my love of the subways. Buses are boring not to mention too crowded plus those choking fumes they give out. Not to mention those ever so charming black smoke emissions.

Hey we’re making progress here. As you probably have guessed by now I am a native New Yorker as I was born, raised and went to school in the Bronx home of Yankee Stadium. Lived briefly in Santa Rosa, California where one night I made a mad dash from the middle of the sidewalk to beat a traffic light. This cop comes over to me to (sternly and menacingly) to tell me I “jaywalked” which is not only against the law in California but is subject to a fine or arrest or both. To be honest I thought his guy was joking despite his demeanor. I showed the officer my New York ID to look at as he needed to see proof of who I was.. That I was from New York did not endear me to him. When I tried to explain to him this was the norm especially in Manhattan (who crosses at the corner in Manhattan especially in Midtown or down by Wall Street? It does not happen!) he was ready to put handcuffs on me. Fortunately I was not arrested and wound up moving back to New York before my fine and court date. A letter somehow found me from California stating that a warrant for my arrest had been issued and that I was to report to the Sonoma County Jail to serve my sentence. Never went back to California again nor do I have the desire to.

Sitting here asking myself what to write about next. My back is killing me (suffered a fracture of the spine seven years ago that never healed) while Juice the cat is blissfully sleeping on MY computer chair. Is it me or is something wrong with this picture? Truth be told Juice is a great cat and I would be lost without her. How many cats will tell you NO if you ask them if you can sit down on the couch next to them? My wife thinks I am nuts for giving into her but that’s me. She can sense when I am not feeling well or a seizure is oncoming.

My doctor wants me to do simple exercises at home to lose weight while improving balance in addition to better movement. I hate exercise! Yes, I know it’s good for me but still I can’t seem to get myself to do them. Does sitting here typing (by the way Juice was kind enough to give me back my chair without me having to bribe her) constitute exercise? If I still had my bike I could easily peddle for miles while pushing up my heart rate which is good for you as fresh blood gets pumped into your system.

So there you have it an article by this point that is 942 words long that talks about nothing in particular. One last thing before I go I am pro-life (anti-abortion) and hold to the long standing belief that marriage is the union of a man and a woman only! Obama, Clinton & Kerry belong in jail for treason against our country! NEVER FORGET 09/11 and all of the heroes of that day.

Thank you for being a part of my loyal reading audience as without YOU all of this means nothing!

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Joel Elveson
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  1. Dear Joel Sir, your unmistakable passion for writing is akin to pulling rabbits out of the hat. I enjoyed every word of your spontaneous writing, especially the arrest warrants for jaywalking. It is surprising how you brought up three different subjects in one article that you admittedly never had any idea where to begin, and therein lies your mastery. I heard it a long time ago: ‘once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!’ You are the real personification of this adage, Sir.

    Thanks, with Warm Regards!

  2. I liked that. You have a gift for writing Joel. With that said, this is the first time I will have to openly disagree with you. Generally I agree with your views and I think this is just the second time I’ve come across something I didn’t agree with.

    Cars all looking the same?! No no, cars have so much history, character, and mine is a good companion to me – much like Juice is to you I guess. I don’t blame you though, those ‘trucks’ as you call them tend to be everywhere when I visit the US. When I mention my 2l twin turbo lancer, the looks I get are somewhat familiar to those when I tell my African stories, about how I have to slouch down when exiting a village hut as there may be a giraffe nearby. And giraffes don’t take too kindly to someone standing upright in there presense.

    I guess my boys and I here have a code and understanding, the car you bring to a meeting place says a lot about the man driving it. The sound, the angle of drop, and sound of the engine before it parks. I am loyal to Cars produced in Tokyo.

    As for these halfbreethes, those are a waste of valube petrol money.

    • Hi Jared, I have NO ISSUE with you disagreeing with me! The cars I see up here are overpriced tin boxes with technology that makes them even costlier to fix. What are some of your favorite car models from Tokyo. As for me I only like older American cars. By the way have you ever seen or owned an 8 Track Player or used a CB Radio? Juice is my beloved cat. Thank you so much for your very kind compliment. it means a lot to me. Until we chat again.

      • You are most welcome Joel, and a happy new year to you. In response – my favorite models from Japanese manufacturers will have to be the Mitsubishi Evo, Toyota MR2, Nissan 370Z, and Subru WRX. As for the track player and radio you referred to – I haven’t the faintest idea what those are. I’m guessing these are from a period before my time.

        • Hi Jared, Thank you for your New year wishes. I have heard of the cars you mentioned but not the models. 8 Track players came out before cassette tapes. More or less you must be around my age unless 8 Track Tapes never came out in your country.