Music Matters: Lyrics About Love and Hope

One of my favourite passions is lyric writing. Over the years, I have built up a catalogue of almost 400 lyrics that range in tone from rock to country and everything in between, a couple of dozen of which have been composed by various musicians in Toronto, mostly to play live.

Below you will see a selection of lyrics that fit the BizCatalyst 360° focus for their new GoodVibes 360° channel. In the best of all worlds, one of the brilliant BizCat musicians can write music for one or more of them and submit them to the GoodVibes 360˚ channel. If you are interested, just drop me a comment here and tell me which lyric or lyrics you would like to work with.


It’s a great big world
And it’s yours to command
You can turn any place you go
Into a Promised Land
You can make it work
All you have to do is try
It’s a great big world
And it’s your time to fly

It’s a great big world
Full of hate and fear
You have to work hard every day
Through sorrow and tears
But with just a little love
We can turn anything around
Cause it’s a great big world
Where miracles abound


It’s a great big world
It goes round and round
Sometimes it can send your dreams
Crashin’ to the ground
But with just a little love
It can turn into a dream come true
Cause it’s a great big world
And it’s all for you


I just want to dream tonight
Lie here and look up at the stars
Wonder what it’s like on Venus and Mars
And those other planets out of sight
I just want to dream tonight

I just want to dream tonight
Stripped of all my self-made complications
Far above earth-bound situations
In pursuit of pure delight
I just want to dream tonight

I just want to dream tonight
And leave this crazy world behind
Faster than the speed of light
Out of sight, out of time, out of mind
So far removed from the crushing weight
Of that endless uphill climb
Take my hand…everything will be alright
‘Cause I just want to dream tonight

I just want to dream tonight
While you melt slowly in my arms and say
Love will make the darkness bright as day
And keep us safe until the morning light
I just want to dream tonight

I just want to dream tonight
And have one dream to come true
Where love forever blesses me and you
And we soar in boundless flight
I just want to dream tonight


On an eastern breeze
On a southern sea
The man I was
Had his rendevous with destiny
And like most self-styled legends
I died without a friend
But when I met you
I was born again

You took a crazy fool
Off of a bar room floor
You took him home with you
You took where he’d never been before
No I’m a wiser man
A farther distance from the end
“Cause when you touched me
I was born again

I was born again
I was born again
When you gave your love to me
I was born again

They say the road is long
They say the load weighs tons
And that a man can never be happy
Only lookin’ out for number one
I used to scorn that way of thinkin’
Till I was nearly gone ‘round the bend
But when you opened up your heart
I was born again

Jim Murray
Jim Murrayhttps://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray
I have been a writer since the age of 14. I started writing short stories and poetry. From there I graduated to writing lyrics for various bands and composers and feature-length screenplays, two of which have been produced. Early on in my writing career, I discovered advertising. While the other media have drifted in and out, communications writing and art direction have been the constant through a 20-year career senior positions in Canadian and multi-national agencies and a second career, which began in 1989, (Onwords & Upwords Inc), as a strategic and creative resource to direct clients, design companies, marketing consultants and boutique agencies. Early in 2020, I closed Onwords & Upwords and opened MurMarketing which is a freelance strategic development/copywriting/art direction service for businesses working to make a positive difference in the world. I currently write long format blogs in 4 different streams, encompassing, entertainment, marketing, and communications, life in general, and the renewable energy and recycling industries. These are currently published on beBee.com. I have, over the years, created more than 1500 blog posts. I live with my wife Heather in the beautiful Niagara Region of southern Ontario, after migrating from Toronto, where I spent most of my adult life. I am currently recovering from spinal surgery and learning to walk again.