Motivational Speaking – The Essentials

Motivational speaking calls for inspiring the audience through a conscious effort to challenge the preconceived notions or beliefs of the audience. Motivational speaking has been on the rise due to disruptions in society and it is becoming a popular profession for many individuals who are striving for some real change. However, not every person can master the art of motivational speaking, it takes a few essentials that have been laid out in the paragraphs that follow.

Topic or Special Message

Since the motivational speaker has to do with challenging societal norms or some preconceived notions, it is essential to have a special message to convey to the audience or to make one’s stance on a subject matter or topic. So, for instance, motivational speakers may want to raise objections regarding sexual abuse of children. This becomes the focal topic and their entire speech will revolve around this.

Target Audience

Another most important factor involved in motivational speaking is the target audience, people who you wish to address on the chosen topic. It is essential to choose the audience in accordance with the issue in hand. An alignment between the chosen topic or subject matter and the target audience is necessary to get the message across. Sexual abuse of children may, therefore, be addressed to an appropriate audience.

Speaking Skills

Not everyone has the knack to become a motivational speaker. It is hence, essential to have a command on speech and use an assertive tone for delivery.  This is important because the audience believes in every word that you speak. It must, therefore, be impactful to leave the audience contemplating the matter being addressed. You must also sound natural, reassuring and demonstrate the correct body language. Eye contact needs to be maintained with the audience to sound more believable. Moreover, presenting personal anecdotes and experiences add to the credibility of the speech. Avoid giving out wrong or incomplete information; this would only mislead the audience. Complete your homework on the topic before going out and giving a motivational speech!

Use Quotations, Metaphors, and Facts

It is always recommended to back your speech using quotations in order to create emphasis. Facts, as well as metaphors, may be used to complement the monologue. It is always a good idea to enhance comprehension of the complicated issues using simple sentence structures and metaphors. Sometimes, incorporating humor can also turn out to be quiet impactful, provided that the topic under discussion allows for some comic element. It should otherwise be avoided, for instance, in case of serious matters such as rape or domestic violence.

Interact with audience

Another very crucial factor in motivational speaking is the need to engage the audience. This engagement may be triggered through direct interaction with the audience or through a detailed Q&A session at the end of the speech.  Not only does this allow for the exchange of ideas and opinions on the issue but it is likely to trigger feedback from the audience. This feedback will ensure improvements in all your future addresses.

Take the first step today and build confidence and skills towards motivating and inspiring others. It all starts with you!


Dr. Terence Young
Dr. Terence Young
Dr. Terence Young is the CEO of Young Phoenix Enterprises LLC, an elite level physician, entrepreneur, and 3-time best-selling author. Dr. Young has led others to achieve the goals they desire as a coach with companies such as Klemmer and Associates and Human Communication Institute. He is also recognized for his leadership within his group of over 120 practitioners as Physician of the Year and has been seen in multiple media, including the Huffington Post. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Dr. Young overcame the odds to achieve success as a physician. Growing up shy hindered his ability to reach out for support. Having his own guidance counselor blow off his desire to be a doctor strengthened his resolve. Because of these and many other challenges growing up in his neighborhood, he realized the importance of surrounding himself with like-minded people who had a vision for success. Determined to achieve his vision and not let anything hold him back, Dr. Young leads by example to show that success is possible despite any fears or challenges in life. As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist for over 23 years, drawing from his optimal communication skills, he has helped tens of thousands of patients to overcome their fears and challenges both medically and in life. Utilizing his ability to think rapidly and take action, he has helped clients to achieve their desired goals and outcomes, minimizing time and maximizing results. He coaches and supports clients, personally and professionally, to achieve the results that they desire in life and business.

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