Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 9

What’s the Meaning of Your Name?

I believe we can find out about our true nature through a variety of different tools. Many we are familiar with, including the Myers Briggs, Find Your Strengths, Numerology, and Astrology. There are a lot more ways we can tap into our personality, characteristics and genetic makeup, but I feel our name has the strongest influence.

Before I get into names, I want to share a quick true story.

Recently, I had a DNA test done to determine genetic markers from a medical perspective. One marker, surprisingly, gave me an “ah, ha” in regard to a particular trait I have in the way I have always done things my entire life.

The gene is known as CLOCK. It is one of the core genes involved in the molecular clock, which governs the circadian rhythm. This genotype causes increased expression of CLOCK and can be associated with increased risk of metabolic syndrome. I am hypersensitive to the circadian rhythm. What? I had never heard of this, yet going deeper into this gene, I discovered a direct correlation between the gene and a part of my regular habits.

This habit involves pushing hard, doing multiple things at once, starting many projects and they all sit halfway done (until I focus and devote time/energy to complete them one at a time), reading many different books/magazines/information online at the same time, going after the chase (and when I reach the final destination, my thoughts will be, “now what?”), and creating organized piles and stacks of papers/notebooks/information.  I have tried over the years to change this or modify these behaviors. To no avail. Does this sound familiar to you?

I had to chuckle when it became clear that this is all a part of me, who I am at the DNA level/the core level. I cannot stop, yet I can adapt and manage these tendencies. Now that I know it is literally who I am, I have taken steps to be mindful, purposely focus, and give myself permission to take breaks.

Some of the recommendations in the report include assessing my sleep-wake patterns, eat a Mediterranean diet, and bright light therapy. Hmmmm, I find this to be an interesting way of helping balance this gene and my mind/body.

I shared this story to make a point about how there are things outside the box we can look at that can help us to be inspired, feel good about who we are and live life to the fullest.

Now, on to what’s the meaning of your name?

Everything is energy, has a vibration. When we speak words, they “vibrate” out into the world creating a field resonance other people can feel. All things in life have meaning, can be referenced back to something we can contemplate and perhaps see a connection to something bigger. When our name is spoken, it takes along with it an essence representing us. Consider how a name rings in your ear/heart when you hear it.

Our names can be a clue to a deeper part of who we are at the core. When we break each letter down and then step back to look at the whole name, an image will emerge. This information can guide you to become a better version of yourself. When you do the following exercise, keep in mind, whatever comes to mind, it reflects a mixture of your core and your current thinking. Since our thinking is fluid, in constant change, it is a good rule of thumb to look at your name from time to time. This could be yearly, every 3 years, on your birthday, the new year or any way of your choosing. Your definition for each letter may be different in the future.

I have broken mine down and added thoughts for the meaning behind my definition for each letter. Have fun and enjoy learning about your name!!


E – Energetic. I have a lot of energy and there are ways I channel this energy, sometimes it’s to gain strength such as working out, other times it is in quiet time when I am writing. This energy is a silent push to go, go, go and it can make me tired. I must allow myself to take a breath and just relax. But I love the feeling of being alive, active, motivated, and driven.

I – Inquisitive.
Ever since I was a child, I ask lots of questions (and can be accused of talking too much, as a female, lol, imagine that!). For me, knowledge is power and with new information, what I have learned in the past can be enhanced by what is brought to me that is different than what I already know. I love to learn how things work, what makes people tick, and to be better today than I was yesterday.

L – Light. I have been told I am like a bright light. My name actually means light; if you call an Eileen your friend you are in luck. She is faithful, true, and brutally honest. She will always be there for you and tell it like it really is. I am always looking for a good story!!

E – Empowered. This would not have always been the word I would choose, but with my personal development work over the years, I can definitely say I feel empowered. I started on the path of self-discovery after a long battle with Fibromyalgia. There was a critical turning point in which I healed and the authentic me surfaced.

E – Extraordinary. I chose this word because as I get older, I find life to be extraordinary. The crazy experiences I have, some that point towards something bigger than myself at play, keep me on my toes! The awareness I have gained allows me to appreciate the magical moments and be grateful for each breath I take. Life is short and I choose to be living it on my terms and as fully as I can with joy, peace, and happiness.

N – Natural. I love anything holistic, natural, or having to do with nature. Also, you will find me to be authentic and natural in who I am. Only the real deal is presented. My favorite way to spend time is to sit by water, whether it is at the ocean or a small lake watching the wildlife go about their day. You could say I am a tree hugger and thrive when in a natural setting.



Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
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    • Larry, yes…it becomes a roadmap, a blueprint of sorts. Absolutely showing the important values at the time. Hope you give it a try…((smiling))