Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 77

The Soup of Soul

Soul– The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity. The spiritual nature of humans, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.

When we can look deep into our soul to understand our own existence, then all that is external does not have as much influence on how we view our lives. In today’s turbulent and often slanted negative views, we forget to look within for happiness, joy, and contentment. Our most positive contributions do not come from dwelling infinitely on the negative or staying mired in fear and anxiety, but in seeing reality for what it is. By seeing what is possible rather than the impossible we can bring greater experiences, wisdom, and confidence in who we are and where we want to go. Empowering ourselves to step beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone and exploring the soul and spirit of our “body,” we can improve our lives in all areas.

I would like to break down the soul as if it is soup. When we make soup from scratch, we have many ingredients. Our lives are the same; we have many parts that make up the whole. As the soup is put together, we may add a little extra or take out something. Again, in life, we add, or we subtract in order to manifest the things we want, the way we want to feel and the life we want to have. Soup includes a stock (water), flavoring (spices), main ingredient (meat or vegetables), possible other additions (noodles, garlic, onion, tomatoes, etc.). When they are separate, they taste as individual as they are, but when you combine them to make soup you create something unique and special.

            Our soul can be broken down by the following:

  • Water– we are made up of 80% water
  • Personality– this is the flavoring we add to our lives
  • Thoughts and Feelings– nothing happens until we have a thought, therefore, this is the essence of who we are
  • Likes, Dislikes, Perceptions- these characterize us and defines our personality
  • Abilities- these are the special things that makes us unique

Ways to feed the soul includes books to read, people to talk to, stories to share and savor, images to meditate upon, prayers to recite, be creative, charities to help, and much more. Ways to empower the soul include Passion, Clarity and Self Love; Passion for Pizzazz; and Openness to Clarity.

Passion, Clarity and Self Love- Personal Power is when passion, clarity, and self-love are developed in a systematic, synchronistic and simultaneous way. If one or more of these pillars are frail, the whole structure is weak and can fail or collapse. When one or more of these ingredients is missing, it’s very hard for us to create, let alone sustain, prosperity, physical vitality or fulfilling relationships.

Passion for Pizzazz- Personal power is the ability to attract what we chose to have in life. It means that we have authority (authorship) over the ingredients we put into our own personal soup. We are in complete control over the development of our lives- the master of our destiny.

Openness to Clarity- In order to have a unique and special soup we need intention and know what flavor and consistency we want. In life, having a clear vision and direction can result in that perfect “soup.” The best options are obvious when we have clarity.

Learning to nurture the soul and allowing the unique and special person you are to shine; the perfect soup will emerge. Allow yourself to be empowered by the different ingredients you want in your life or part of your life. Add a little, take away a little and do not feel bad about those things or people you may shed along the way. If anything is holding you down, then it is time to let go. The soup of soul is the only way to become free to be who you authentically are and live life to the fullest.


Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
EILEEN is Founder of The Core Thinking Blueprint Method, CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life, Executive Producer of OTELproductions, and talk show host for OTEL TALK. She holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published author, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change and Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach. Eileen and her husband Trevor are a power couple whose foundation is a 360 view of the world through inspiring, uplifting, and empowering others. Maximizing performance, communication, and drive for growth for your highest achievement is what you will experience working with Eileen and Trevor. They are owners and producers for ROKU channels KNOB TV, OTEL TALK, and OTEL MUSIC VIDEOS; and develop channels for professionals and businesses. They collaborate with companies, such as 360° Nation/Dennis Pitocco, musicians, entrepreneurs, and many more. Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

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  1. If anything is holding you down, then it is time to let go. The soup of soul is the only way to become free to be who you authentically are and live life to the fullest…….
    I love this and I am in the letting go stage of life. I purge to make room for the cherished memories.

    • Larry, happy you love this! It has taken many years of tears and building strength for me to be free and feel free. It is still a work in progress, but every day I feel more empowered. Living life to the fullest, it seems we must purge and make room for not only cherished memories but present creating of something new.