Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 75

A Story: The Gypsy
Eternal Flame

Tonight, as she prepares for sleep, the Gypsy goes into meditation. Her intention is to take all the information that has come to her in the previous days and seek to be given a picture of its true meaning. She is hoping in her dream state, something of significance will show up. When the Gypsy dreams, it is as if she is observing and upon waking, she can remember in great detail what happened.

As she falls deeper into her meditation, REM sleep begins. At first, there is just a sense of empty space, nothingness. Slowly, an image comes through showing a time in the past, set in a Native American village. There is a series of scenes flashing one after the other in quick succession. First, there is a structure for burning a person who has passed on, the tribe surrounds it on all four sides. A deep feeling of sadness and sorrow can be felt as the fire is started, and the ceremony begins. Next, the dream seems to go back from this endpoint to a teepee, a man & woman come out and there is a celebration, a renewing of vows. But it is shattered by the sudden appearance of an arrow that pierces the heart of the man. The woman falls to her knees as she catches him in her hands. A tear falls to his lips and she vows her love will be with him forever.

There is not much time left, the illness has consumed her, weakening her life force energy. All he can do is pray and hold her hand in his and use the last of his will to see her through the final moments.

This time period changes quickly to one set in England. There is a cobblestone road and a horse-drawn carriage in front of an upscale townhome. A man of good stature, with a top hat and long black coat is scooping up a woman in his arms from the carriage. He carries her into a townhome, up the stairs and lays her on a bed. He arranges her so she can be comfortable and brings the covers over her to keep her warm. There is concern and worry, but right now what is important is she knows he is there for her in strength. There is not much time left, the illness has consumed her, weakening her life force energy. All he can do is pray and hold her hand in his and use the last of his will to see her through the final moments. Flashes of their life together are vivid in the dream. The final scene shows her taking her last breath. His heart feels like it has been squeezed and all the blood drained. Their love was so strong, it is painful for him to lose her so young.

The Gypsy continues to dream of lifetimes of love between a man and woman, the emotions staying with her as she begins to come out of REM sleep. The closer she gets to waking up, the more she remembers and the more intense the feelings become. Upon opening her eyes, she quickly grabs her journal and makes an entry of her entire dream. By the time she finishes, there are tears streaming down her face. The connection is overpowering and deep within there is an awareness this is related to her and the pull she has been feeling.

She spends the day journaling and reviewing the dream. All the while, there is a sensation, like she is being wrapped in a comforting hug. She can’t take her mind off the man in the dream, it is as if she was the woman. Towards the end of the day, the Gypsy decides to take a stroll to watch the sunset. She stops to soak in the last of the sun’s rays and absorb the healing energy of the water nearby. As she settles into the warmth surrounding her, she hears a motorcycle in the near distance. As it comes closer and stops, she turns to look in that direction. Their eyes meet, and her heart skips a beat, flashes of the dream run through her mind, along with her childhood and her older self she envisioned. It is as if her life was collected all at once and then the vision quickly faded into the recesses of her mind.

As he walks towards her, she meets him halfway, not taking her eyes away from his. As soon as they are a foot apart, she takes his hand in hers and the spark she felt in her meditation comes through. She no longer questions what was happening to her, now she knows there is a destiny meant for them to be together. All the signs, dreams, meditations and nudges have culminated in this moment. They silently stroll to her porch and sit on the swing, the final sun rays bursting with colors of gold and red across the sky. She rests her head on his shoulders, closes her eyes, and feels gratitude for the miracles of the day.


We all have a story, one filled with adventure, life’s trials and tribulations, our dreams and life experiences. Some people ignore the signs, some will piece them together, and others will pay attention to the coincidences.

Today’s Lesson:
The heart is one of our most powerful muscles. It can be open and vulnerable, closed, filled with emotions from love to sadness. Humans are designed to be connected, especially with the heart. If we take a step back and look at our story, most likely there will be a portion about relationships. Love runs deep, and when we allow life to unfold as it wants to, what we may call destiny becomes our story.


Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
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  1. Love runs deep, and when we allow life to unfold as it wants to, what we may call destiny becomes our story………
    Reading and travel were the catalysts that took me to a place where I would write. Pain and loneliness opened the door to my stories and writing was the gift that healed me. I write to encourage others to write so that they may find their own healing and share a common bond. The bond that only writers can share, a mystical thing called Strong Ink.

    • Larry….I totally understand. Writing is the catalyst for me to express what is heart felt, experiences, what I have learned through life’s trials and tribulations and the joys, encounters with the mysterious, and a pull to “channel” something more powerful than myself that seems to flow through me and out my hands. Sometimes, more often than not, when a person says “I needed to read that today,” it causes me to pause and realize that somewhere in the ethers we are all together in a larger consciousness. When a person puts a thought out for something they want or need, because I am open to receiving and willing to give through my writing, a connection is made in the unseen world. Writing brings it into the pysical world for all to see, feel and interweave with as is meant for them, individually. What each person gets out of our writing may be different, so it is a universal event that occurs, always for the benefit of the soul.

      I am glad you found your writing again, as it is indeed Strong Ink. Cheers to continued years of sharing and caring for a better world! Namaste….