Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 72

A Story: The Gypsy
Reflection: The Younger Self vs. The Older Self

Many days have passed, and the Gypsy has held onto her new feeling of freedom and excitement. She has felt a presence getting stronger, one of strength and valor, that seems to have a pull nearly impossible to ignore. Each morning she continues to sit on the swing and watch the day’s new beginning.

Yesterday has passed, today is a new day with fresh opportunities and possibilities. Today, she reflects on the younger self and imagines her older self, her mind going back and forth between the two. There is a sense of similarity and yet a difference that expands beyond normal comprehension. With an extended amount of information churning in her mind, the Gypsy decides to pull out her journal.

She begins.

“When I think about the little girl I once was, there is a purity and an innocence that has yet to be discovered by the harshness of life. She has big eyes, of wonder and exploration. A heart that is aglow with care and compassion, that is contagious for those who come into her life. She is happy, joyful, and not a care in the world. Because she is surrounded by love, the feeling of comfort is always present.

Yet, there is something missing. She sees things others do not and her ability to feel deep within the core of the soul is a little scary. It did not take long for her to learn that those around her were not the same. She felt alone at times but knew everything was going to be okay.”

The Gypsy put down her pen, closed her eyes and envisions her younger self. She sees a beautiful girl, around six years old, with long dark hair, hazel eyes and a smile that would melt any heart. This brings a warmth that wraps around her chest, and she settles deeper into the swing. As the vision continues, a bench overlooking a pond comes to view. Her younger self is sitting on the edge, legs dangling and swinging back and forth in a rhythmic movement. She is softly singing a song, stops, turns her head to the left and speaks to a young boy. But this boy is not totally in physical form, he is translucent and easily identifiable as a person yet seems if you try to touch him, your hand would go right through.

This perplexes the Gypsy and she continues to stay in meditation, wanting to discover more about this boy and her vision. Her younger self appears to know the boy and gently takes his hand in hers. Watching this unfold, it feels as if the moment their hands touch, there is a spark. Like a joining of two souls, infinitely connected, never ever apart. The vision evolves into the two children becoming like a waft of mist, and their bodies transform, lifting off the bench, twisting and merging along with the symphony of the sweet song being sung. They elevate into the skies above and disappear.

Opening her eyes, the Gypsy gets chills, ones that indicate there is something about this that rings truth. She turns her attention back to her journal and refocuses on her reflection. Now, her mind fast forwards to the future, one that shows an older woman with long grey hair, sitting on a white rocking chair on a porch. Getting a broader view, she sees a small cottage among sand dunes, cotton tails swaying in the wind and the sound of the ocean visible in the near distance. The salt air brings healing energy, a sense of calm and serenity.

Observing the older woman, the Gypsy, feels a bond that is familiar. There is an emergence of strength as part of her essence, one that is palpable. You can feel the wisdom within, and the perseverance of an old soul that reaches back in time, into the past of years beyond the now. The Gypsy has the desire to write again, she picks up the pen and makes another entry into her journal.

“Although I do not know my older self yet, in my meditation, she is me and I am her. Although life has had it’s up and downs, seeing her so content and free of any possible weight on her shoulders, it brings me peace. There is a knowing I may not understand today, but it is there for me to discover, of the path I have chosen for this lifetime. My younger self, in some ways, was much wiser, than the adult version of me. Life can shatter the spirit, and the lessons learned can be difficult; however, in reflection of the past and the future, it seems no matter what I experience or have to endure, in the end I have lived a fulfilled life.”

Again, the Gypsy puts down the pen, relaxes into the swing and returns to the vision of her future self at the ocean. She decides to ask a question and see if anything happens. In her mind, she joins the older self on the porch, sitting on the top step leaning on the railing. Taking a moment to settle into this position, formulating a question, and tuning into who this woman is. It does not take long for the question to arise, the Gypsy satisfied with its content. She proceeds to ask, “If there is one thing you would have changed, what would it be?”

The older woman did not stop rocking and continued to look towards the ocean. If you look into her eyes, the depths at which they take you is breathtaking. You could get lost in the expansiveness of the echos of time and space within, a feeling of infinity, yet the here and now. After a long pause, she spoke. The words that filtered out of her mouth, seemed of ancient origin combined with the knowledge of the ages and Native American lore. “Young child, it is not of the earth from which you reside, it is of the immense sphere of all that exists. Change is constant, not a have to nor a choose to, but a part of the journey. Without change, there is no journey. You ask me what I would have changed. In the realm of your life as you know it, the people you meet and the experiences you have is the change you ask of. Each decision you make, each turn you take, and each thought you think is the change that occurs. To go from here to there, from past to future and from birth to death, is there not change? Much of which occurs without conscious effort. The key is to embrace each moment where you are, be in the flow rather than resistance, and trust where you are led.”

Listening intently, the Gypsy soaks in the information. Too much to digest at once, she just sits in attendance to the wisdom of the older woman, wanting to remember the feeling of having just been given a gift. One that will last a lifetime and more. As she opens her eyes, the sun has risen above the tree lines, warming the air around her. She gathers her things, taking them inside wanting to cool off and reflect more on what she learned today.


Some people believe we get answers in meditation and reflection. The answers we seek often are within and can be found by sitting in quiet contemplation.

Today’s Lesson:
When we feel life has a message for us or we want to have more answers, sometimes the easiest way to find them is to go within. The self is the most knowledgeable person we know, who stores information in the recesses of our mind. We can reach in and pull out whatever we need to know or want to discover. Healing, moving forward, or becoming the best version of ourselves can be accomplished by knowing thyself. Practicing meditation and tuning into our younger self, as well as our older self, we can tap into a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.


Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
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  1. Some people believe we get answers in meditation and reflection. The answers we seek often are within and can be found by sitting in quiet contemplation……..
    You nailed with this statement. So many answers come when you pause and reflect.

    • It is a great way to just allow and not try so hard, an element of higher awareness. The power of the pause.