Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 64

A Story: The Traveler
Weeping Willow

As the storm continues to rage, the traveler settles into a comfortable resting place. He quietly drifts off, half awake, half asleep his mind taking him back in time. Muscles begin to relax, causing any tension that has crept in to slowly release. Breathing becomes a rhythmic in, out while a peaceful trance overtakes his senses.

More memories start to emerge for the traveler, ones that seem to be tucked away in the recesses of his youth. It’s as if time has been put in a bottle thrown into the ocean for someone to find. A treasure of life’s happy times, freedom to just be, imagination at its best. The bottle having been tossed here and there weathering the storms, bobbing and spinning seeking a final resting place.

Out of the mist of the vision trying to present itself, the silhouette of a young boy leaning on a tree holding the end of a piece of straw from a bale of hay comes into view. He is playfully chewing on the other end, looking out into the field that is now also part of the vision. There is the sound of chuckles, a sense of total satisfaction and carefree energy that is contagious.

The traveler relaxes even more as he moves deeper into the past wanting to remind him of this special part of his life’s journey.

As the young boy looks up with an air of gratitude, he purposefully glides his hands through the cascading tresses of the Willow Tree he has chosen as his escape point. Suddenly he takes off in a quick burst, through the field and up an inviting hill that takes him high enough to see beyond the valley beyond.

At the crest of the hill, he comes to a sudden stop, throws his head back arms stretched wide. Eyes closed; chest arched towards the sky. He takes a deep, thorough breath felt in the depths of his soul taking in the expansiveness surrounding him. Feeling a burst of energy unlike any he has felt otherwise, the young boy embraces the power streaming into his being.

It is a rush so great; never to be forgotten, an exhilarating moment. Uncertain where it comes from, yet familiar at the same time.

Just as this vision reaches its crescendo, the traveler is jolted awake by a loud crash of thunder rolling wildly over his safe haven. A little dazed, coming back to this reality, he gets up to stretch his legs. The vision still fresh in his mind, the traveler fondly remembers the Weeping Willow and the hill. They are constant reminders of his youth, and the experiences he had then having molded him into the man he is today.


The Weeping Willow represents balance, learning, growth, and harmony. An image of the willow tree gives us the feeling of strength, stability, and the ability to stand firm withstanding the greatest of life’s challenges. The branches are flexible and strong, bending without breaking while providing protection.

Today’s Lesson: In our youth, we can feel invincible and ready to conquer the world. But life can get tough and we lose our way. A part of us will always remember who we were and wants us to bring the part of us that is strong and flexible to the surface. We are given the power, if we are willing to accept it, to face life through growth bringing about balance, peace, and harmony.

Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
EILEEN holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published writer, Certified Life Coach, and Producer/Videographer/Photographer. She is creator of Core Thinking for High Achievers and works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, Entertainers/Professional Athletes, and C-Suite Executives. Ordinary to Extraordinary Life transforms your professional and personal life from the core for success by assessing how you are currently maximizing performance, communication and drive for growth for your highest achievement. Eileen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.




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