Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 56

Universal Laws: The Law of Action

All the Universal Laws I have talked about and continue to introduce you to work together in creating moving parts to life as it unfolds. Things happen, like a domino effect, with these laws at work behind the scenes. When we are aware of the mechanics of these laws, the ability to navigate through life with ease, joy and happiness increases.

The Universal Laws highlighted so far include:

  • The Law of Divine Oneness, Day 14
  • The Law of Polarity. Day 18 & Day 44 (this is an important one!)
  • The Law of Vibration, Day 24
  • The Law of Attraction, Day 32
  • The Law of Rhythm, Day 50

The Law of action states that you must do the things and perform the actions necessary to achieve what you are setting out to do. If we repeat the same pages and/or chapters in our story, without taking action to change what is not working for us, then we will recycle and go in circles, driving ourselves and those around us nuts!

Action must support our thoughts, visions, dreams, emotions, feelings, and words. Being conscious and aware of how much these align with action or lack thereof, can be the difference between forward movement leading to success or stationary spinning that gets you nowhere.

There is a cause and effect for every action taken. Even no action has an effect.

Sometimes indecision due to fear or uncertainty can affect how the other Universal Laws play out. Here is a typical day in one’s life.

Because of the idea that “I” am separate from everything around me, whatever is happening is not my concern or not my fault. (Law of Divine Oneness) There is a person in my experience who is testing my patience and can be a royal pain! (Law of Polarity). Being around this person makes me angry, agitated and it does not feel good! (Law of Vibration). Why does this person not change, no matter how much I try to get them to see the errors of their ways? And, why do they continue to bring me challenging experiences? (Law of Attraction). I wish there was a way to communicate with them so my day will go better, and we can have a conversation that does not lead to drama or conflict. (Law of Rhythm). I walk away and repeat the next day, exhausted.

Does this experience seem familiar? It should because about 99% of the human population has at least one person in their life like this or has had an experience with a person like this.

The good news is, by taking specific action towards all our endeavors and interaction with others, keeping in mind these Universal Laws, the sample I gave above can dramatically reduce or even disappear altogether.

Recommendation: Go back and read the other Universal Laws. With each one, determine what resonates for you in the information and use that to bridge the gap between what you currently know and believe, and what is possible to create the life you wish to live. Try to recognize when these laws are in action and having an impact on your daily experience.

Good luck!

Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
EILEEN holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published writer, Certified Life Coach, and Producer/Videographer/Photographer. She is creator of Core Thinking for High Achievers and works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, Entertainers/Professional Athletes, and C-Suite Executives. Ordinary to Extraordinary Life transforms your professional and personal life from the core for success by assessing how you are currently maximizing performance, communication and drive for growth for your highest achievement. Eileen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.