Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 50


Universal Laws: The Law of Rhythm

To every thing, turn, turn, turn,
There is a season, turn, turn, turn,
And a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep.

– The Byrds

Everything happens in rhythms, like the seasons, there are continuous life changes. Our vibrations can be high, and we feel that nothing can stop us, but then there are times when our vibrations are low, and we don’t perform as well.

The Law of Rhythm states that the energy in the universe is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must then swing to the left. Everything goes through cycles, yet everything has a rhythm or a pattern.

When I think about how we are all living life, through the ages, everything seems to be in rhythm. History repeats itself on the grander scale and the processes that take us from day to day are cyclical and repeat.

It is as if on our quest to beat the clock of living, there is a pull to achieve, triumph, and be successful. Along the way, there is a pulse to the rhythm allowing us to gauge the changes or lack thereof for the benefit of feeling there is a purpose for the trek.

If we consider the Universal Laws shared so far: The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Attraction, and The Law of Polarity, we can start to see a system in place beyond our control. These laws are automatic, like breathing, providing us a guide to understand why things happen.

It is an orderly manifestation that moves along the tides of where we are swimming in the oceans of creation. Have you ever seen the swarms of fish move in rhythm? It is rather magical to watch. We, as a mass consciousness, are doing the same. Where the energy goes, it flows in a rhythmic pattern always in motion towards an infinitely open-ended trail of choices and responses.

The law of rhythm governs every single aspect of our life.

Because the Law of Rhythm is a Universal Law, by LAW, you must grow to a better and higher state of potential.

  • Rise above the negative swings. Be bold, brave, courageous, take risks, keep your eyes on the positive outcome.
  • Focus on balance
  • Keep emotions centered…not too far to the right or the left

There is no such thing as absolute rest in the universe. In everything, there is a manifested measured motion, an action and a counteraction that has rhythm. It is an order of renewal, rather than stringing together our experiences to create a story, stay in the Now, creation happening at all times, with no end and no beginning.

I see this as expansion and contraction with the mind being in rhythm with the natural flow of timelessness. Therefore, no attachments to the past, worries of the future, just the rhythm of what is happening in the moment.

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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

There is no such thing as absolute rest in the universe. In everything, there is a manifested measured motion, an action and a counteraction that has rhythm……You nailed this one. A very inspiring post.