Inner Peace

Days go by
Years will follow
Sometimes I wonder
Why the human does
Not recognize

Their quest to conquer
And divide
We lose the ability
To have a smooth ride

The trails left behind
From generations before
For those who follow
A new frontier to explore.

It possible for inner peace?
A way to wake up from
A long, long sleep.

It will begin, when each
Individual looks within,
For their spark of light
Only they can ignite.

Peace is ready for the taking
To rise to the top
Not to be forsaken.

Ripple will be felt
Once the tides have turned.
Those who are close by,
Are the lucky ones.

Power of peace can be felt
For miles around.
Once it has started, fast
Feet have hit the ground.

Against the tick of the clock,
As the energy of peace
Does not wish to stop.

And duck, to avoid the
Possible damage,
That anger, hate and
Even slander

Bring upon the wave
of love,
All within peace,
We are a part of.

A moment, sit back and relax
Measure the level your inner
Peace has become.
When you discover how easy it
Is, you’ll be willing to pass it on.

Not now, then when is the time
To transform the world,
Yours and mine?

Leave it for others to walk in
Our shoes,
Does it feel good knowing
This is what they will do?

Peace is the only solution
For humankind to come
To a viable resolution.

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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

The trails left behind
From generations before
For those who follow
A new frontier to explore. This is great. Very powerful statement here.