Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 26

Build a Strong Foundation

When we are born there is no foundation yet from which we sprout and grow. We are simply a newborn brought into this world with a future ahead of us to be groomed, nurtured, experienced and transformed.

It is like being in school, life the master teacher, and we must go from kindergarten through Ph.D. Once we master this first level of growth, we jump to the next level starting all over again. Another round of kindergarten through Ph.D. This goes on and on for the duration of our stay here on earth.

I wanted and still, do, to be happy, joyful, empowered, and live life to the fullest. Why not? Is that not the reason we are even alive?

The day I realized how my life was unfolding and this is the best way I could describe it, what occurred to me is I must have a strong foundation from which to study, learn, and experience the intricate web of life itself.

Wow, what a discovery!!

At one point in my past, I will admit, my foundation was cracked and unstable.

This explained a lot about my trials and tribulations, the frustrations, pains, hurts, unfairness, unawareness, and ultimately an awakening that shook my core. My foundation was just about smashed to bits and pieces leaving me with two choices, throw the towel in or pick myself up and summon the strength within to rebuild.

Guess what?

There was a power in me I did not know I had!

This power was my blessing inspiring me to reach deep, deeper than I knew I could go, and soul search for the answers I was looking for, the courage to keep fighting the good fight, to learn forgiveness, to let go and most of all to honor myself and life in all it’s magnificence.

There were times I would get stuck and the roller coaster ride of emotions, repeated experiences and frustration became the catalyst for change.

Is this easy? Not at all! There were major sacrifices along the way, much resistance, and many blocks thrown in front of me. This power was stronger than myself, and it pushed, prodded, nudged, dragged and spun me until I listened, gained traction and settled into rebuilding.

Building a strong foundation is a journey, one that will last a lifetime. But, will bring so much back in return. In my own experience, once the foundation is set, the paths taken to raise the structure above the base is the most challenging, encouraging and transforming of all.

Through the mastering of each level, knowledge and wisdom will be within the walls and structure. This gives the backbone from which decisions are made, how the mind filters and clarity becomes present to create an ultimate life experience. This can translate into personal relationships, business relationships and with those we love.

The matrix of life has many twists and turns, testing the heart, soul, and spirit.

Build a strong foundation to withstand the days of storms and embrace the light that dries the tears. An unknown force is there, sitting and waiting for us to acknowledge, merge with, and join in bringing peace to the self and the world.


Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
EILEEN holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published writer, Certified Life Coach, and Producer/Videographer/Photographer. She is creator of Core Thinking for High Achievers and works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, Entertainers/Professional Athletes, and C-Suite Executives. Ordinary to Extraordinary Life transforms your professional and personal life from the core for success by assessing how you are currently maximizing performance, communication and drive for growth for your highest achievement. Eileen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.


  1. Eileen, you have done it again! Mixing a strong inspirational message with poetic writing. Just like a house that must rest on a foundation in order to stand we as humans need a foundation to build our lives on.