The Past

Feel it in the distance,
Yet so close to me.
The power of the memories
Can be unsettling.

Ones to cherish and
Remember that puts a smile on
My face,
And hold onto tightly
Not to be replaced.

Past has many faces,
Some I want to see.
Others are meant
To gently be set free.

Do we seem to focus
On the ones that hold us back?
Kicking, screaming, fighting
For the chance to make the
Rope slack

To take a bird’s eye view,
Of the past, we cling
So steadfast to.

Only takes a slight shift
For the past to move on,
And release the tension
Ever so tight
For better days of fun.

Past is merely a signpost,
For something greater yet
To come.
Whether it is courage, strength
Or inspiration we have
Willingly summoned.

Take the lessons learned
And a positive stance,
For the past can be
A friend giving us a chance

Redirect our thinking
And look with new perspectives,
So life can be lived
With joy and not like a broken record.

Time will tell the difference
From the focus in the past,
Has moved more steadily
Into a present that will beautifully last.

Go where it is painful,
And keep what feels good.
The rest will work its way
Into the oblivion of the world.

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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

To take a bird’s eye view,
Of the past, we cling
So steadfast to.
Great words here. We must see the view from about so that we see the past, the now and what may yet to come. Only then do we know our journey for it encompasses all where we have been, where we are at now and what may come . I thank this is my favorite. Strong Ink with the wisdom of a sage

Johnny Johnston

Enjoyed this greatly. It says so much in its wisdom