The Spirit

The breath of life,
Winds will blow.
North, East, South, and West,
Which direction, we may not know.

In the stillness, we close our eyes
Reaching ever so gently
Deep inside.

Spirit will float into your
Heart, filled with music
Songs of the start.

You were born into this world,
Kicking and screaming
Hoping to make the score.
Of the love that abounds
Throughout the trails of time,
Whispering sweet words without a sound.

You know the Spirit within,
Constantly is tugging at your chin?
To look more closely at what you see,
Turning your head ever so slowly.

To rush or quick to judge,
Instead for quiet contemplation
Of what grows out of the mud.
Just as a lotus flower comes alive,
From putting roots where none should survive.

Magnificently among the weeds,
To sprout and display the beauty
Capable from just a seed.
Purity of heart and mind
Giving a message to the “blind.”

In the midst of all that withers,
The Spirit within can slide and slither
Beautifully and gracefully
Through the sludge of life.
Bursting up to the surface
With strength and might.

Spirit cannot be broken
Or taken away.
It is sacred and here to stay.

If you feel down and low,
Ask your Spirit to rise up and show
You all the glory this life
Is meant to be.
And today you can carve
A new path to be free.

The Spirit within,
For after tomorrow,
The unknown may bend,
Around the corner of what
Is yet to come.
The foundation is built
You can climb the highest mountain
Beating a drum.

The heartbeat in rhythm it goes.
Bringing joy and happiness into tomorrow.
Hold hands with your spirit
As together you soar high.
Feeling at peace as you scan the skies.

The pilgrimage of life,
Your Spirit knows truths.
Hush, listen, watch for
The Muse.
The messenger in the night
Entering your dreams,
Layers peeled for the Spirit
To find it’s way home.
The final destination serenity it brings.

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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

In the stillness, we close our eyes
Reaching ever so gently
Deep inside. You know this is to be very impactful as to how we we feel about or life and how we live our life. Very inspiring poem.

Johnny Johnston

Eileen, love it and yes each moment is a beautiful adventure.