Life Sings, Life Dances

Life does not happen to us; it happens through us. Each morning when I awake, it is a reminder of the beauty of life itself. How blessed we are to have the opportunity to experience touch, feel, smell, hearing, and sight.

Let yourself be carried by the melody!

I Am – Become aware of your greater inner light, one that may have dimmed over the years yearning to break free. Be conscious of your active presence, create with thoughts, words, and deeds. They cause a ripple in the continuum of time and space, bringing forth into reality that which is meant to be.

We can only know, through experience, our individual destiny. Words are spoken, emotions are rattled, and action is taken. Then we experience again.

What have we learned through the passage of time?

Are we to move forward taking the lessons and the good, leaving the rest behind?

It seems to be a quandary many find difficult to resolve, yet the path is laid before us while blinders rest beside our eyes.

To find and restore a sense of being, we may drink from the inner well of who we are, to find fulfillment from day to day.

Life seems to have the perfect way to bring about events needed to reveal what we may not be paying attention to. Look back on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going, is the nudge for a better understanding of our individual life journey.

Circles and patterns run side by side, keeping us wondering and struggling to get to the next place. Yet, doesn’t it seem to constantly elude us? We want bigger, better, more and at the same time yearn for less and simple.

While life sings and dances, we run alongside to keep up or we stop and stay stuck. But the clock still strikes the hour and the tides still move in and out. Perhaps if we stop resisting, join hands with life’s circle, then just maybe we can trust, allow and learn to enjoy the magnificence of the greater creation.

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Larry Tyler

To find and restore a sense of being, we may drink from the inner well of who we are, to find fulfillment from day to day. Powerful statement Eileen. Strong Ink